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low carb eating
I am trying to start the low carb diet, i have gone on Atkins site,but am not to good with computer, and finding it a little hard finding what i need to do. I would like a buddy to help me on my way, I ...
7 replies, last reply by SJWNana, 10 months ago.   5,836 views.
started by allieree.   
Positive Affirmations
Hey Born 2 Win! Put post it notes on your mirrors and fridge with affirmations that make you feel great. I like “it isn’t selfish to be kind to myself”, “I CAN and I WILL”, and of course a nicely wr ...
no replies.   481 views.
started by Jax Mama, 10 months ago.   
Alternate day fasting buddy
Hello, I recently started the alternate day fasting method to lose a little over 30 pounds. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years but nothing worked, and I’m looking for a weight loss buddy who’s ...
1 reply, last reply by Amy Perrine, 10 months ago.   964 views.
started by 128fatima.   
Weight Loss feels hopeless but...
I'm trying to count calories along with hypnosis to lose at least 30 lbs. Initially, the hypnosis worked but the effects of it have dissipated so I'm back on the hopeless weight loss train. ...
5 replies, last reply by BunnyMaeMinx, 12 months ago.   3,879 views.
started by Drama Donna.   
Support and encouragement --- No negative comments on here
I started this diet to lose weight back in Jan 2018. I need support can't get it at home so I came on here. Not happening.SO I am starting my own post. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement. ...
16 replies, last reply by Cat64, a year ago.   6,354 views.
started by bnewbee.   
Considering finding a diet buddy. What's been your experience?
I think a diet/accountability buddy might be helpful. Never tried it before. Would like to hear other people's experiences. Are there tools that help enable the diet buddy relationship? Any advice?
3 replies, last reply by abbadabba, a year ago.   1,255 views.
started by raygulick.   
How do you add a buddy?
My daughter sent me her fatsecret name today, but I don't know how to add it.
6 replies, last reply by Juliarna92592, a year ago.   8,830 views.
started by Hezhturann.   
Looking to buddy up with someone that has a lot of weight to lose. I have joined weight watchers and
Hello, My name is Sandra and I am a member of weight watchers I have been doing well with the new program. I am looking to share ideas and goals with a buddy that also wants to lose a large amount of ...
3 replies, last reply by peppapink09, a year ago.   2,348 views.
started by Brooklands Baby.   
Australian Woman 60's
I'm looking for someone to buddy up with so we can help each other reach our goal weights. Happy to hear from anyone , anywhere in the world
45 replies, last reply by bnewbee, a year ago.   16,871 views.
started by WTFFS.   
Pobody's Nerfect, Looking for a Diet Buddy for Low Carb- High Protein
am in my early 40's and have gone through a VSG surgery almost 2 years ago, stalled for a while and am back on track more-or-less, trying to find buddies dealing with similar issues. My biggest issue ...
2 replies, last reply by Shrinking_Shamrock, a year ago.   1,649 views.
started by Shrinking_Shamrock.   
Looking for a Buddy
Hi There! I'm looking for a weight loss buddy (or buddies) who has between 50-70 lbs to lose! Preferably in there 20's, female, and bonus points if you're from the Boston area! As for what ...
no replies.   1,095 views.
started by stephg17, a year ago.   
Alternate Fasting
Just started on alternate fasting, is anyone out there doing this?
3 replies, last reply by JeffersonDad, a year ago.   2,487 views.
started by faymac1.   
President's Day Goal
i'll make a President's Day Goa: I'm going to challenge myself to keep my carbohydrates to 50%, protein 20% and healthy fats to 30%. That is the ideal diet for me.l
no replies.   1,224 views.
started by Peggy Juricek, a year ago.   
Weight loss buddy
Hi I am looking for a weight loss buddy/partner. I would like to be buddies with someone who needs to lose the same amount or more HOWEVER THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT I would love to talk to anyone who is ...
5 replies, last reply by louisvitton, a year ago.   2,139 views.
started by keep shrinking.   
Looking for someone with similar statistics :)
Hey! I'm new here and I'm just looking for someone to talk to sometimes about diets and weight loss. I'm 5'2", 102.5 lbs (as of April 19th) and hoping to get down to 98 lbs, or maybe ...
9 replies, last reply by mariezzz, a year ago.   6,198 views.
started by losing_lily.   
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I am BACK!
Good luck!
by Nice Matreshka on 16 Jun 19 07:52 PM
Got to get serious
not counting properly , btw the old demanding job is an excuse used by so many people, your body doesn't care how busy or important you think you and your job are it just responds to what you do to ...
by spacey48 on 16 Jun 19 02:10 PM
new here, looking for support
Hi Everyone I too have been struggling with my eating and exercising. The older I get the harder it seems. CarolLewis thanks for posting the youtube link. I watched it and find it very interesting. A ...
by lithe on 05 Jun 19 08:24 AM

by annerolfe on 07 May 19 12:17 AM
Keto Lifestyle Buddy
Thank you
by Pippster Bridget on 11 Apr 19 05:36 PM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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