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Females over 50 - Lose 100 Pounds
I am dedicated to losing 27 pounds by December 2020. My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 100 pounds and maintain my weight. I have been yo-yoing for years and am seeking DIET BUDDIES - Women over 50 ...
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started by mimi247365, 8 hours ago.   
I am 43 and have piled on the weight it the past few years. I feel ready now to get back to my old self but have no idea what to do or how to start. Looking for someone with a bit of experience. Basic ...
3 replies, last reply by iruri815, 5 days ago.   78 views.
started by Sanci43.   
Looking for diet buddy
Hello, I am a 40's married female (2 fur kids) in Melbourne, Australia with approximately 35 kg to lose. Looking for someone to chat with and share the "journey".
3 replies, last reply by Squarehammer, a week ago.   496 views.
started by kw1rky.   
Come & Join a new Group & a 12 week Challenge
Hi all, I'm just starting my weight loss journey and I am so excited to get started because I feel that I'm in the right head space and have tried every diet under the sun. Now I'm doing what ...
1 reply, last reply by sinajune, 5 months ago.   484 views.
started by Giggles40.   
Motivation through others.
Hi, I'm one week into Keto and just finished going through Keto Flu. I just barely made it through work during the "flu", let alone working out and would have loved motivation from others. ...
3 replies, last reply by leighlun, 5 months ago.   628 views.
started by lmh2882.   
DIET and TIPS: How to lose weight and control sugar addiction
It's been one week since I started my diet on chicken, fish and vegetables. I haven't touched bread, pasta, potatoes, coca-cola, sugar.. you name it. Basically my everyday diet is more or less ...
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started by Nathalienada, 6 months ago.   
accountability partner wanted
I'm 58 male, married, looking for someone to communicate daily/weekly, no commitment to amount of chat, just someone to compare notes, recipes, success, failures, etc. "Not a friend collector ...
4 replies, last reply by armyvet25, 8 months ago.   1,158 views.
started by armyvet25.   
How to set up a Buddy
I do not see a Buddy button anymore. What happened to it?
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started by ycandrea, 8 months ago.   
Anyone want to be encouraging and compare notes?
Hello, My name is Monique and I am looking for people to talk with each day and be encouraging to one another. Anybody up for this? I have started my diet so many times I have lost count. I know I can ...
1 reply, last reply by spacey48, 9 months ago.   1,150 views.
started by Jasonsgirlfridaythe13th.   
Got to get serious
Hi, I'm 61 and full time employed in quite a demanding job in a very demanding sector (Education). I've been trying to lose weight all of my adult life but have actually gained. Recently I g ...
5 replies, last reply by LH443, 9 months ago.   2,106 views.
started by Crazyjayz.   
Accepting Request to Follow
As dumb as it sounds, I cannot figure out how to accept a "request to follow".
1 reply, last reply by Debbie Cousins, 10 months ago.   1,035 views.
started by 1maKookaburra.   
Looking for a diet buddy around same age and problems if possible. I am 70 with limited mobility but need to lose 5 stone. I like reading needlework knitting and card making. Any help would be much ...
5 replies, last reply by chippyite, 11 months ago.   1,378 views.
started by chippyite.   
For no real reason yesterday I seemed to go over the calories I allow myself. Think it was the steak I had today am really cutting back. Fatsecret really does help me keep a record of what Im eating ...
3 replies, last reply by FullaBella, 11 months ago.   1,132 views.
started by chippyite.   
Are you on Facebook?
I spend a great deal of time on Facebook and I am always looking for friends there. If you are on Facebook and want a diet buddy please look me up. My name is Holly Naim on there. Thank you
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started by skinnyladee, a year ago.   
new here, looking for support
Starting a new approach to weight loss. I've done it again and again in my neurotic way (counting everything, over-exercising, all-consuming...) and want to give moderation a shot. Steady sanity ...
10 replies, last reply by beckylw, a year ago.   1,448 views.
started by josie333.   
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Females over 50 - Lose 100 Pounds
I am dedicated to losing 27 pounds by December 2020. My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 100 pounds and maintain my weight. I have been yo-yoing for years and am seeking DIET BUDDIES - Women over 50 ...
by mimi247365 on 12 Jul 20 04:36 PM
Hi.. and what about ketodiet? Did you try it?
by iruri815 on 07 Jul 20 04:43 AM
Looking for diet buddy
Me! Me! I need buddies! I'm 64 and a happy widow with a 29 year old son and a 10 year old granddaughter from my late daughter, have had her about a year and a half. (See my bio for a little more i ...
by Squarehammer on 30 Jun 20 04:32 AM
Come & Join a new Group & a 12 week Challenge
Hi! This sounds great and just what I've been looking for for so long! Are you planning on opening up a WhatsApp group for further motivation? Or would you be interested in becoming additional diet ...
by sinajune on 28 Feb 20 01:41 PM
Motivation through others.
I have trouble with the exercise too. I love it when I do it though. I had 14 workout days last month and am setting a goal for this month of 20 days. At the least it must be 30 minutes. I'm going ...
by leighlun on 02 Feb 20 04:50 PM

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