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Very proud
;) Started on 20 Nov 20 when my weight hit 100kg (BMI 30!!!). My only diet has been: No more than 1400 kcal a day, but some days I managed to eat as little as 900 Kcal. A lot (I mean a lot, really a lot) ...
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I try to try to be vegan
I try to try to be vegan and give up animal products and everything that is tested on animals. I will be grateful for your recommendations and sources where you can read more about it.
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"Tummy" at Start of "projekt" and current "tummy":
Startingpoint: BMI 35 (Sept -20) Checkpoint: BMI 30 (Nov, 2020) Checkpoint: BMI 27 (jan -21) Ceckpoint: BMI 24,9 (Feb- 21) (i.e. BMI<25) Currently at BMI 23,9 and -40kg (sorry: no photo)
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Finally did it
After 8 months of exercise and controlling my diet I have dropped 3 dress sizes and lost 24 pounds. Selling my old clothes on ebay to inspire me not to put the weight back on.
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51 lbs down
163 lbs this morning. 51 lbs down. Keep fighting the good fight guys and gals, it's worth it!
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My New Blog...
ok, its good!
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FINALLY BROKE THROUGH MY PLATEAU. I had been bobbing around 87.3 - 88.4 for a few weeks now and this morning I got onto the scales to see that I had reached 86.8!!! very happy rn :)
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:( I am in menopause and feel horrible I gain weight and have hot flushes but that I think I will be able to control if I just don't have the foggy head feeling and the tired ness and the jelly legs ...
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* New Beginning! So Happy! * :)
Hi everyone, I'm so happy to start again my healthy life that I should never stop. Last year on September, I started going to the gym&diet with a coach, I weight 196lbs then on March 2020 I weight ...
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New body new life
I started a new diet and exercise program last April. I began at 196lbs and was walking 2 miles a day, 3 days a week and a trainer planned workout 2 days a week. The weight came off pretty easily and ...
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Ean Macdonald
Ean a hero let's all support him?
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I made an interactive chart based on FatSecret data
I hope I'm doing this right. I don't generally use the forums, but I wanted to share a nifty thing I made: Basically, I've written a simple script that pulls down my data from FatSecret, ...
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eating is hard
i'm 59, a decade post a stroke that ended 25 years of medical transcription, and I consume maybe 1200 kcal/day: one waffle and strip of bacon for breakfast with water since partner hasn't gone ...
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started by joicardinal, a year ago.   
Water fasting, what is that?
Why would someone want to water fast? Isn't it better to get more protein and some nutrients? I try to remember that whatever form of weight loss regime I use, I have to change my way of eating. ...
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Very proud
woah that's amazing progress !! really inspiring
by nekomemo on 03 May 21 03:15 AM
I try to try to be vegan
If you are trying to be vegan make sure to take extra supplements, such as B12 or D, zinc. I am vegan too and buy all these online at https://www.vitaminexpress.org/uk/ you can also read what it's ...
by LilyG66 on 02 May 21 12:34 AM
"Tummy" at Start of "projekt" and current "tummy":
I love how inspirational and supportive this community is!! Great shot guys your hard work is paying off fantastic dividends x
by Bandrai on 21 Apr 21 02:13 PM
Finally did it
Congratulations you have been successful. Well done!
by janetmay on 03 Mar 21 10:24 PM
51 lbs down
Congrats! Thats great. How long has it taken to lose the 51?
by HappyFunCount on 02 Dec 20 03:01 PM

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