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Crypto Ultimatum - Simply Follow The Methods And Multiply Your Money!
First of all, I would like to say thank You for subscribing to my newsletter. I guarantee, that I will send You useful information about cryptos to help You make huge money. In this e-mail, I introduce ...
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Show You How To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!
first of all, I would like to say thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. I guarantee that I will send you useful information about cryptos to help you make huge money. In this e-mail, I introduce ...
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Free Kindle Book at the moment
This book is free at the moment, it may not be free for long.... Food Addiction: A Step by Step Guide to Overcoming Food Addiction - **Free Bonus**: food addiction recovery, Skinny Thinking, Obsessed, ...
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Migraine ideas
Hi all. I had my first migraine in grade 3. They were infrequent through my life until my late 30s. For a while I was getting them every two weeks for three days each. Given how much they impact my ...
17 replies, last reply by MoGrace, 2 months ago.   13,126 views.
started by jenk256.   
I try to have oatmeal every other day, but since it is a bunch of measuring, I usually have eggs. I used to love oatmeal with brown sugar, and lots of butter, and also with raisins. Then, I never me ...
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started by DauntlessBlue.   
Fifteen Important Social Media Security Tips
A number of people have expressed concern about privacy on FS. The same rules should be applied to any social media site. This article may be of interest. ...
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started by Helewis.   
What do you like doing the most during summer? What activities do you like to do to help lose weight?
6 replies, last reply by Sharkski, 3 months ago.   7,040 views.
started by BlondVital.   
Hi! I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for fitness and/or nutrition books? I'm not really looking for cookbooks but how to eat healthy overall. Also, in terms of fitness, how to exercise ...
19 replies, last reply by ElisaSullivan, 4 months ago.   4,049 views.
started by dclemens.   
게임의 어떤 전략이 이익을 가져다 줍니까?
나는 최근에 연주하기 시작했습니다 슬롯 이익을 위해 보장되는 전략이 있다면 난 그냥 궁금 해요
1 reply, last reply by andrewlans1, 4 months ago.   649 views.
started by parfaitarcouet.   
Boosting Metabolism Tips
1. Eat breakfast - fuel your body to burn energy all day. 2. Set a curfew - stop munching so your body can rest and recharge overnight. 3. Don't starve yourself. Eat according to your RDI - recomm ...
2 replies, last reply by tarasun, 5 months ago.   6,606 views.
started by Lifesatrip.   
I was wondering if there was app for this site because I could have used it yesterday so I was looking around the site on my laptop and didn't find or couldn't one so I looked in the app store ...
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started by timriley.   
Sports Nutrition -- Good Info for Everyone
Just wanted to share this list from Men's Health: 26 Ways to Feed Your Body for Results. It's obviously aimed at (male) athletes, but I think anyone who wants to lose body fat and build lean ...
2 replies, last reply by Wobbin451, 7 months ago.   2,250 views.
started by jessie1326.   
When to Weigh
I just had a qucikie, when would be the best time to weigh yourself? In the morning? afternoon? evening?
16 replies, last reply by Livetoeat70, 9 months ago.   17,236 views.
started by kaceyhowell.   
So I've been increasing my fruit and vegetable intake. I love fruits and I "tolerate" vegetables. Any advice on how to make vegetables (I've been eating mostly frozen mixed veg and c ...
8 replies, last reply by johnbob2, 9 months ago.   11,040 views.
started by Manjomane Mhlongo.   
Glucose sensor users?
I'm thinking of trying out a continuous glucose monitor (Freestyle Libre). Does anyone have experience using it (or a similar system)? Can you sync the data with FatSecret? Thanks!
3 replies, last reply by mrsclassicscrazy, 10 months ago.   4,039 views.
started by marsdrummer.   

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Crypto Ultimatum - Simply Follow The Methods And Multiply Your Money!
Borrowing money to raise your position in a transaction allows you to amplify the effect of even little fluctuations in price, allowing you to quickly amass riches. To trade with less capital, but with ...
by Liliana Floyd on 24 Jun 22 10:48 AM
Show You How To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!
It is. It all depends on what cryptocurrency you buy and where. Those people who are good at it are making quite good money on it. One of my friends told me about Dogecoin in South Africa. If you are ...
by David Verrey on 19 Jun 22 02:42 PM
Free Kindle Book at the moment
This is a great inspiring article. I am pretty much pleased with your good work.You put really very helpful information... Site: Harmony Drops Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
by michelkong on 21 May 22 04:25 AM
Migraine ideas
I went Keto in Nov 2020 and didn't have a single migraine until Jan 2022 when I went Carnivore. The 3rd week on the new diet I experienced something called 'oxalate dumping' - worst migraine ...
by MoGrace on 18 May 22 08:29 PM
I love oatmeal! I eat mine cooked with half milk/half water. A sprinkle of sharp cheddar, and 2 dippy eggs. I love savory oatmeal!
by purple_rose_3 on 16 May 22 01:35 PM

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