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Juicer recommendation
Hi everyone, that's the third time I'm on a diet. Usually, when I gain some I lose some and stop, but this time I decided to go hard and become really fit :) I am going to buy a juicer (just to ...
2 replies, last reply by gengenesis, 4 months ago.   612 views.
started by Paula_Y.   
Change Macro Goals?
I am so sorry to bother the group with this, but I have seriously tried and failed to figure this out---how to I change my macro goals? I have some set by a nutritionist, and would like to see how I ...
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started by ellie8it, 4 months ago.   
Just started
hi there i have just joined, i went on the scale this morning and I am ashamed to say I am 120kg. i have never been so big. All i know is the high protein diet. :
1 reply, last reply by BlondVital, 4 months ago.   477 views.
started by Charmaine van staden.   
Need real big motivation
I turned 70 a couple of months ago. For my birthday I got Interstatial Lung Disease. What a gift. Never saw that coming. Me and my oxygen hose are just a small train jugging along. Well, maybe a big ...
3 replies, last reply by BlondVital, 4 months ago.   1,498 views.
started by littlebinkib.   
Editing a meal/recipe
HI all. I did a batch cook yesterday and want to amend the meal i have created. I am wanting to change the portions i have created from 6 to 7. I cant see how to do it, can anyone help please? Many ...
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started by DJE+P, 4 months ago.   
Pescatarian LCHF
Hi there, I'm new o this site and to LCHF eating. Anyone else out there a pescy trying to follow low carb?
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 4 months ago.   503 views.
started by GabiThomas.   
new to fatsecret
Hi everyone. I am new to fatsecret and am really impressed with the ease of this site. I've tried WW for many years and was dissatisfied with paying so much $$ per month. Makes so much sense to ...
3 replies, last reply by BlondVital, 4 months ago.   619 views.
started by kosher44.   
Meal Prep
Hi. I'm fairly new to this site, so I don't know much about it. When I get a notification that someone supported something, I have no clue what that means, or where to find it. And don't ...
1 reply, last reply by regimac11, 4 months ago.   442 views.
started by indianapatty.   
Net carbs vs Carbs
I'm diabetic and adjust myself according to the total carb intake I consume. But now doing research they say to follow net carbs rather than just carbs... would that include adjusting myself according ...
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started by saraxo00, 4 months ago.   
Custom Items
Is there a way in the basic app to just add recipe totals? I buy a lot of meals at Aldi and they are not listed in the app. TIA
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started by krinchki, 4 months ago.   
lunch out advice
Good morning! I seem to have left my lunch at home today. Looking for a healthy recommendation for lunch out from the typical suburban options. Fast food, convenience stores that sort of places. What is ...
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started by cwilcox007, 4 months ago.   
Be careful what you wish for.
Peeved yesterday because I'd only lost 1lb in a week... should have known better. After a night spent mostly in the bathroom, I am now 4lbs lighter than yesterday, but I don't recommend the m ...
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started by SqueakyLiz, 4 months ago.   
is there a 5.2 plan
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started by glesgaglutton, 4 months ago.   
not feeling good
I have not been feeling to good. Dr took me of of pain meds and am hurting some. Hoping it passes.
1 reply, last reply by Lucille Ball, 5 months ago.   230 views.
started by loisdrake.   
Add food to database
I make Dr. Stork's Fat Burning soup - bone broth, chicken, carrots, mushrooms, onion, barley. Can I add that to the data base with the calories, fat, etc? I eat it for lunch just about every day.
1 reply, last reply by Miss Jessie Gypsy, 5 months ago.   855 views.
started by lanaraehorton.   
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Cheat day
This has probably been asked many times before, but I'm a newbie to this website and I appreciate any advice. Is it good/normal to have a cheat day every week? I've been trying hard to follow ...
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upping protein
Your dietary cholesterol has almost no impact on your blood cholesterol. I thought it was common knowledge: Go ahead and eat ...
by Sjgrand on 03 Jul 20 08:01 AM
When the going gets tough, the tough fast
I had been a very strict keto Taliban for 3 years. I lost a lot of weight at the beginning, going back down from 110Kgs to 91kgs in 8 months, without cravings or anything. Well, I am a 51 y.o. guy who ...
by Sjgrand on 02 Jul 20 11:49 PM
Wave Your Flag Cake!

by mcdonald149 on 02 Jul 20 09:22 PM
Loss of Appetite
I started my diet on 4/20/2020. I had lost 80 pounds in 2017, and was an idiot and ate like a pig when the 'Rona started and the gyms closed. I gained 35 pounds in 3 months. So I started counting ...
by OneLessFatAss on 02 Jul 20 04:51 PM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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