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How to sync calorie counter with my fatsecret account?
How to sync calorie counter with my fatsecret account? Or,how do I sync my Android app with the desktop?
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started by PeterJVH, a year ago.   
Try a Chiropractor
I had similar problems after not exercising for a year while I was working full time and going to school full time. Saw my chiropractor for 6 visits and then he gave me strengthening exercises to do daily ...
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started by dashed.   
I joined a long time ago but then didn't even try! So now I'm going to visit this site ofte
javascript:insertsmiley(':d%20','/static/images/emoticons/biggrin.gif') Had a good day of healthy eats today. I consider this my first day.
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started by 4tt.   
Hi! I'm considering myself to be "new" even though I joined a long time ago. I didn't really try and never really visited the website much. But I feel motivated and ready to go.
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started by 4tt.   
Boosting Metabolism Tips
1. Eat breakfast - fuel your body to burn energy all day. 2. Set a curfew - stop munching so your body can rest and recharge overnight. 3. Don't starve yourself. Eat according to your RDI - recomm ...
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started by Lifesatrip.   
Watch the excellent 2012 documentary: "Hungry For Change" it is available online or Netflix, etc.
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started by Lifesatrip, 3 years ago.   
To loose weight, eat your protein within 30 minutes after wake-up
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started by Killily, 5 years ago.   
Quit Atkins, Rapid Weight Gain - Please Help!!
I tried the Atkins plan for about 3 weeks. I lost a few pounds, but felt very weird, both mentally & physically eating all that meat & no fruit or grains. In the last 3 days I had a bowl of ...
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started by kaava.   
Finding this hard...
I guess I don't understand foods, and the body. sugar, Insulin, BSL (blood sugar levels) highs and lows. Eating right, eating healthy, eating with in the RDA, getting my physical activity. why ...
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started by geekgirl95610.   
I am feeling bloated lately. I follow the "you On a Diet" plan for breakfast and lunch (same thing every day) with my own dinner plan. I began eating vegetarian in February 2012. I try to ...
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started by HelenMae.   
Hi, starting tomorrow morning. Need to loose so I will be able get lung transplant in the future. Got 5o stop stress eating. HELP! !!!
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started by refriedbeans.   
Hi just returned to group after a year away ,have gained alot of weight since then and need to get back yo eating healthy
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started by nana0f 43.   
Saving to My Cookbook
How do I save recipes to my cook book? I don't want to print all of them off until I've tried them. Saves on paper.
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started by Maurene01.   
new member
I just joined yesterday and am going to try you on a diet.over the years i will be 43 by the way i have belonged to weight watchers,nutrisystem,a local diet group,and i cannot remember all there are a ...
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started by hassanswife.   
Looking for a buddy to give/receive encouragement.
Hi. I am an emotional eater trying to lose 98 pounds. Would like to have some buddies to encourage me as well as offer support to them. Not sure how to add buddies but if you send me a request I will try ...
3 replies, last reply by elfprincess, 7 years ago.   3,554 views.
started by AliannaRenae.   
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american Diabetes Association declares low carb... and ketogenic diets as safe to use
Kind of shocked. Still suspicious of their motives. I cry when I see all of the poor type 2 diabetics doing what the ada tells them to and getting sicker and sicker
by Dee_T on 22 Apr 19 09:36 PM
What should I weigh
I'm your height, and that would be overweight for me. BUT... if your % is that low, I'm thinking you have a lot of muscle density, which is a good thing. If your belly fat is low, and you feel ...
by Dee_T on 22 Apr 19 09:32 PM
When I cook a large meals for the fam and me how do I
The recipes in my cookbook is the reason why I use fatsecret.
by Dee_T on 22 Apr 19 09:28 PM
Poke Bowl salad
Could anyone give me hints on how to post to my food diary a favorite of mine - Poke Bowl with salad instead of rice? The shops go by the scoopers full, nothing is really measured. I get it home and ...
by Stella405 on 22 Apr 19 06:11 PM
reading calendar
Could someone please tell me on the calendar where does the ADD ENTRY AND NET (Kcal) come from? I have only been using this for a week and I love it but don't fully understand everything.
by marva duckworth on 22 Apr 19 02:36 PM
Why does everyone think eating loads of protein is good for you?
Wonderful Dee_T!!!
by liv001 on 22 Apr 19 09:46 AM

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Every day — every section of the day — is a clean slate. Instead of thinking of paring back from overeating, think of building up on that clean slate — one small mouthful at a time. One workout at ...
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