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Calories burned
determined Ketosis bound wrote: Does anyone know where I can find the information on how many calories to eat based upon height and weight and goals? Try this: ...
by dmkmpublic12 on 18 Feb 20 01:37 PM
deleting items from daily food list?
It's ok I've made this a safe site now, which altered the pop up setting and it's all working again lol
by Molly the cat on 18 Feb 20 07:00 AM
Play the long game. One week can be erased by what you do normally
by liv001 on 17 Feb 20 05:54 PM
New body new life
I started a new diet and exercise program last April. I began at 196lbs and was walking 2 miles a day, 3 days a week and a trainer planned workout 2 days a week. The weight came off pretty easily and ...
by Andy5534 on 17 Feb 20 12:15 PM
Over how much time does the app calculate the given calories intake for weight loss??
The app just gives me a calorie intake based on how much I weight now and my daily activity, but I can't see over how much time it's calculated...? A year? It's like one of the most important ...
by yureras on 17 Feb 20 11:27 AM
Hi, I'm new here!
by WonderWoman05091969 on 17 Feb 20 09:39 AM

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