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ONE only 1 more pound to lose
I am not on here often and I just signed up, but I just am excited that I only have one more pound to lose.:) :) From 176.6 to (as of today) 141.5. I've lost 35 pounds YAY!!!;)
3 replies, last reply by dannoci, 6 months ago.   665 views.
started by qkellyann.   
New Droid phone won't let me sign in
I have the mobile app. But don't have the option to sign in if already a member. Anyone know the fix for this?
no replies.   121 views.
started by Bopuc, 8 months ago.   
Home made bread
How does one calculate the calories in homemade bread?
4 replies, last reply by abbadabba, 12 months ago.   2,828 views.
started by ladyinky.   
The Lemon Meringue pie diet
Somehow I needed to do this my Lemon Meringue pie diet... a temporary indulgence
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 12 months ago.   924 views.
started by BanjoStories.   
Feature Request - Add CUSTOM MEALS to the REMINDERS
I added 2 custom meals (Protein shakes) and I wanted to set reminders for 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. The reminders only have the hard coded meals available to set reminder times. Thank you.
no replies.   993 views.
started by Moods, a year ago.   
Feature Request - Allow us to add photos of food for the national DB
Photos are super helpful. Allow us to add these photos from the Diary. If I have a Yoplait Original Starwberry, all me to add this photo to the national DB when I click on the item in my Diary. Just ...
no replies.   868 views.
started by Moods, a year ago.   
What Diet?
Hello all! What diet do you use and is it effective? Thank you!
2 replies, last reply by kaithekai, a year ago.   4,847 views.
started by ververicka.   
How does this website work?
Today is my first day and I'm kinda overwhelmed by all the tons of information and different 'links'. I'm browsing thru everything, but what I'm really wondering about is the 2 cha ...
9 replies, last reply by pinkiswan, a year ago.   8,097 views.
started by jaci lynn.   
RDI Adjustment
As you lose weight, does RDI automatically adjust downward?
2 replies, last reply by maggotbrain, a year ago.   1,258 views.
started by maggotbrain.   
I’m Not Feeling Welcome Here
I introduced myself and asked a question about how fatsecret works, and got nothing all day. I looked though other posts and see people with 100’s of views and 1 or 2 responses. Is that normal here?
10 replies, last reply by lorajeane, a year ago.   6,221 views.
started by maggotbrain.   
How to figure calories?
So, exactly how should we figure calories for foods when how we measure may change as the food is cooked? For example I just microwaved a nice russet potato. Prior to cooking: 380g. After cooking: 294g. ...
4 replies, last reply by SoCalPam, a year ago.   4,353 views.
started by rogershsv.   
What do you truly wish for yourself besides weight loss?
We believe we'll be so happy if we lose this extra weight. Maybe yes or maybe no. I can't answer that for you for definition of happiness is different for everyone. So, besides losing weight, ...
81 replies, last reply by crstlgls, a year ago.   18,352 views.
started by happynow.   
Low-fat vs low-carb? Major study concludes: it doesn’t matter for weight loss
"A year-long randomized clinical trial has found that a low-fat diet and a low-carb diet produced similar weight loss and improvements in metabolic health markers. Furthermore, insulin production ...
1 reply, last reply by adorian_oldschool, a year ago.   3,835 views.
started by Diablo360x.   
Putting on Your Royal Name
Oh what fun. We are playing around with putting on our Royal Names. Begin with Lord or Lady. Add the name of one of your Grandparents. To that add the name of your first pet. Top it off with the name of ...
48 replies, last reply by bnewbee, a year ago.   13,036 views.
started by PishPosh.   
Electric multi cookers ie instant pot
What do you all think of them if you use one? I love my regular pressure cooker and use it a lot. I'm considering investing in one and would love some input. Also would love to know what brand you ...
5 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 years ago.   2,455 views.
started by wholefoodnut.   
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sugar alcohols
No..You can make your own entry where you do not include the sugar alcohol
by liv001 on 17 Jan 20 03:07 PM
Serving size, by number of portions
You can say you ate 0.75 of a serving
by liv001 on 17 Jan 20 03:04 PM
My Cookbook & Serving Size
Not sure I understand perfectly. But the computer will not tell you that. You have to divide up the recipe and weigh yourself
by liv001 on 17 Jan 20 01:11 PM
How to delete food that I added by mistake
If you mean on your food diary there is an x to delete ...... if it is added food to data base ... you could try finding it as an add item and then just correcting info ..... I am new and have only added ...
by Miss Jessie Gypsy on 16 Jan 20 06:24 PM
Meal Prep
Well, that is impressive!!!
by liv001 on 16 Jan 20 06:05 PM
cooked cereal
I see that it's for the raw oats
by Rafin73 on 16 Jan 20 01:32 PM

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by member Darkangeline
Cheese is NOT it's own food group, Although personally I think it should be. :)
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