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Welcome. Hope you like it here.
by liv001 on 24 Feb 20 08:38 PM
How do i post
Not sure 100% but I think you click new topic at the top of this page and it will be a new post for others to see?
by the new Deanna on 24 Feb 20 12:45 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I weigh once a week, usually always Monday mornings as I'm getting around for work.
by Jpalm0987 on 23 Feb 20 08:10 PM
Breaking the chains
Hello everyone! Wanted to say hello and say that I am beginning my weight loss journey again with a changed heart and a committment to walking it out with more faith and trust that God is going to com ...
by RedeemedByHim1962 on 23 Feb 20 03:20 PM
Add food to database
Two ideas might work ..... One try to add it as a new food item ( put in name as an add item to lunch, hit + sign at bottom and fill in details ) ...... or try adding in your cookbook ......... Good luck. ...
by Miss Jessie Gypsy on 23 Feb 20 09:49 AM
7 NEW RULES for the Gym
I take exception to those cracking on people walking on treadmills at 2.5. If you haven't walked a mile in their shoes, don't judge. There may be many reasons. At least they are making the ...
by lou annrock on 23 Feb 20 04:52 AM

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