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My updated keto - carnivore, cancer story.
Ohhhh. That is a horrible journey! So sorry. Keep up your spirit. You will beat it. Glad to hear you have positive people around you.
by liv001 on 22 Nov 19 02:38 PM
Recommended Grams
You generally have to figure out what works for you - some people are doing high fat, low carb. Others are doing high protein, low fat. I found medium fat and balanced protein and carbs works for me, and ...
by abbadabba on 22 Nov 19 10:24 AM
Need to gain weight
In the setting, choose weight gain and stick to the recommended intake. Reassess in a 2-3 weeks, if you gained keep it up, if you remained the same raise calories by 2-300.
by Diablo360x on 22 Nov 19 06:30 AM
That's a multimillion dollar question my dear. Some have made a living out of it - selling diets, cookbooks, exercise regimens, private mentoring sessions, inspiration speaking, hosting forums,... ...
by Nigyewe on 21 Nov 19 11:51 PM
What a great resource you have here! Nobody told me, I just stumbled on it. It's probably what I needed. You see, I am a little bit fat (believe me) :lol: . But BMI does not agree with me :roll: ...
by Nigyewe on 21 Nov 19 08:08 PM
Is 2600cals right for me?
why not try 2600 for a week or so and measure your weight loss if not then reduce calories or up your activity. You are quite substantial in size so it seems fair enough to me...depending on activity ...
by spacey48 on 21 Nov 19 03:45 PM

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