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Blood Type Diet
my blood group is O,i am working hard to follow the diet.i struggle with menu for far i have been eating fruits.I cant access the ezekiel bread .
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started by Kgomo.   
B Blood Types
Any other B types out there?
9 replies, last reply by Holly Scholz, 5 years ago.   3,695 views.
started by marina779.   
blood types food chart
just want to share this with you all ...
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started by gwenmarie, 5 years ago.   
Exercise-Moderate Walking With a 4 pronged Cane!!!
I am so proud of myself for taking the initiative to get out of the house and walk. I walked today for 47 mins, at total of 1.5 miles with Arthritis in both knees. GOD is so Good. Now I plan to do this ...
4 replies, last reply by ZumbaToo, 6 years ago.   4,270 views.
started by GorgeousGranny.   
all the time
Looking for buddies that are on fat secret every day.
23 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 7 years ago.   5,731 views.
started by shellysue55.   
Need buddies to help keep me on track
need all the help I can get :)
1 reply, last reply by Diablo360x, 7 years ago.   2,284 views.
started by 20byhalloween.   
a friend told me to try the Blood Type Diet,so here I am:)
I checked out the book from the library & now I'm ready to go grocery shopping today. Any suggestion on what I need to pick up? I'm type A. I'm more hoping that this helps me feel bett ...
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started by 20byhalloween, 7 years ago.   
How do I post a pic to the before and after sites?
Gosh, I'm usually techy but I don't know how. Thanks!
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started by MamaShea2009, 7 years ago.   
life change
What was/is your thing that made you and keeps pushing you to make a better life change?
14 replies, last reply by MaggieMoo2, 7 years ago.   6,033 views.
started by shellysue55.   
Anybody out there on Blood Type Diet?
I have tried Atkins lost the weight then gained it again but I found it very restrictive. I have now decided to start the Blood type diet which as O Type is a high protein low carb and dairy diet. A ...
4 replies, last reply by Clicknique, 7 years ago.   3,950 views.
started by rustypust.   
Break Down of Food Values By Blood Group
Break Down of Food Values By Blood Group .............Protein.............Fat.........Carbohydrate A..............21%...............9%..............70% B..............33%...............13%......... ...
2 replies, last reply by Hermiones Mom, 7 years ago.   3,642 views.
started by Tammylove.   
Easy Recipes for Blood Type A Diet Plan
Hello Everyone, Would anyone have any entree recipes for Blood Type A diet plans? Really easy ones :) Thanks so much, TB
3 replies, last reply by johnydep, 8 years ago.   28,806 views.
started by TrudyBrennan.   
Blood Type O
8) I'm blood type O. Anyone want to chat?
3 replies, last reply by fluffynotfat, 8 years ago.   4,382 views.
started by scirilo.   
Let's all Congratulate the Winners of the "Last Ones Standing" Challenge !!!!!!!!
The following successfully completed the "Last Ones Standing" challenge. They lost at least one pound a week for 10 weeks. The challenge started off with 182 participants and ended with these ...
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started by wd9753, 8 years ago.   
Need Someone to Kick myA$$
Any takers? Seriously. Kick my butt out of bed so I get my cardio done in the morning before the kiddos get up. Email me in the early morning hours, :badgrin:
2 replies, last reply by shmiller, 8 years ago.   2,450 views.
started by shellysue55.   
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american Diabetes Association declares low carb... and ketogenic diets as safe to use
Kind of shocked. Still suspicious of their motives. I cry when I see all of the poor type 2 diabetics doing what the ada tells them to and getting sicker and sicker
by Dee_T on 22 Apr 19 09:36 PM
What should I weigh
I'm your height, and that would be overweight for me. BUT... if your % is that low, I'm thinking you have a lot of muscle density, which is a good thing. If your belly fat is low, and you feel ...
by Dee_T on 22 Apr 19 09:32 PM
When I cook a large meals for the fam and me how do I
The recipes in my cookbook is the reason why I use fatsecret.
by Dee_T on 22 Apr 19 09:28 PM
Poke Bowl salad
Could anyone give me hints on how to post to my food diary a favorite of mine - Poke Bowl with salad instead of rice? The shops go by the scoopers full, nothing is really measured. I get it home and ...
by Stella405 on 22 Apr 19 06:11 PM
reading calendar
Could someone please tell me on the calendar where does the ADD ENTRY AND NET (Kcal) come from? I have only been using this for a week and I love it but don't fully understand everything.
by marva duckworth on 22 Apr 19 02:36 PM
Why does everyone think eating loads of protein is good for you?
Wonderful Dee_T!!!
by liv001 on 22 Apr 19 09:46 AM

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O type diets can get too acidic with the high proteins. Try switching any WPI or WPC protein powders for Pea protein. Keep green leafy vegies (spinach, silverbeet, grean beans, coz lettuce) in as they ...
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