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Unable to lose weight. In dire need to lose weight- Doctor’s Orders!!!
What Diablo said is correct, although you might have to stay below something like 1600 calories if you want to lose 10 kg in 4 months. I have lost a bit more than 11 kg the past 4 months, and I had to ...
by kaithekai on 17 Jan 19 12:42 AM
Keto Help
And salt. Do not skip on it.
by liv001 on 16 Jan 19 07:06 PM
How would you deal with carbs/junk coming into your home?
I buy carbs my family likes but I don't. ;) So when it comes to junk snacks, I may buy them candy, pop corn, and certain cookies. I don't like any of that, so they can have at it. When it comes ...
by immort777 on 16 Jan 19 01:08 PM
Calories consumed
Goodness. Are you full and that is why you stop eating? Do you eat regularly or only a few larger sittings? Personally, I eat 2900 calories all day to keep my metabolism revving. I also keep protein ...
by mrfancypants on 15 Jan 19 09:05 PM
Are you on a phone app or the web version. I could explain the web version somewhat but it may not help you
by liv001 on 15 Jan 19 02:54 PM
Thanks guys. Have a great day.
by geniebear3 on 15 Jan 19 11:20 AM