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Why is it that the package of cheese (monterey jack) says zero carbs but according when I list it as a food at a meal it does have carbs?
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started by chayes1234, a week ago.   
Low carb and hypothyroidism
Does anybody else have a problem with hypothyroidism and trying to do low carb. Started Atkins July 23,2018, I've lost 6 lbs and have stalled for a while now. Does anybody have any ideas, can use ...
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started by dalereynolds.   
low carb eating
I am trying to start the low carb diet, i have gone on Atkins site,but am not to good with computer, and finding it a little hard finding what i need to do. I would like a buddy to help me on my way, I ...
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started by allieree.   
Atkins Followers
So I did the grocery shopping and am geared to go. I came back on here and read some of the food journals of others on Atkins. Why are so many Not eating?? I see people who are eating bare minimum ...
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started by Mjgh06.   
Would like a buddy that can relate to my situation
In the last year I have developed many food allergies. Tomatoes being the highest. Being very limited to my food choices can someone really succeed on an ongoing food plan? Appreciate the feedback.
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started by Franontrack, 2 months ago.   
Atkins phase 1
3rd day of Atkins and freaking out cause I just had a pint of tomato juice (virgin Bloody Mary.) apparently tomato juice has loads of carbs and now I’m worried I kicked myself out of ketosis :cry:
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started by Tirza1, 2 months ago.   
Lesson ,learned.traumatic .freeing.positive
Sadly I began freaking out last week. Extremely concerned because I was not losing weight. I was not exercising at all, but that another day. Lessons. Later. As I said, freaking out about weight-loss ...
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started by Damaris Berdut.   
lLow carb counting but this site doesn't account for fibre
I follow the Atkins lifestyle and while I have a general idea of how many carbs are in my meals, I find it odd that this site accommodates those on the atkins diet, but they don't account for fiber ...
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started by Low-carber.   
Ricotta cheese desserts
I'm doing phase 1...induction on Atkins. Just read online that I can't have my favorite ricotta cheese and Splenda dessert. Anyone have any input?
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started by Christine Han, 4 months ago.   
Avocado in Induction?
I was losing weight pretty steadily until I added Avocados. I read the fats were good and it is high in fiber. Anyone else find this to happen??
6 replies, last reply by marywash, 4 months ago.   3,098 views.
started by Kim4dogNite.   
Constipation issues
So I am following Atkins and am at the end of my first week. I lost 5lbs this week which is good. I am having constipation and have been using Metamucil to help. Has anyone else had this issue and used ...
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started by danawiesner.   
low carb
actually gaining weight with daily carbs 30 milligrams and keep calories around 1200 :x :?: :?: does anyone have any suggestions
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started by fayemosley.   
Bragg Apple Cider viniagrette is listed as having 4000 mg cholesterol. How can I report this error?
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started by Babette Lou, 6 months ago.   
So I'm down 11 pounds since starting Atkins last Monday. I was dreading jumping on the scale since I cheated on the weekend while I was sick, but I'm guessing that it didn't make a big dif ...
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started by Low-carber, 6 months ago.   
Sick Sick Sick
I didn't follow my diet this weekend at all as I was just took sick to cook anything. No guilt whatsoever! I woke up Saturday morning feeling like absolute garbage!! My throat was so swollen it felt ...
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started by Low-carber, 6 months ago.   
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what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I'm 5'4" and my goal weight is 165. I must be very dense because even at 209 I wear size 16. At 165 I'll probably wear 8 which I'm super happy with.
by circlesarah on 18 Sep 18 12:28 PM
why are the caloires on this tracker less than other trackers
I haven't noticed a difference. The one thing with Fat Secret is to make sure the portion quantity is correct. Sometimes that is challenging for me because the quantity that come up may not be the ...
by sunnyblu on 18 Sep 18 12:04 PM
Placing recipes on the app
I use the MyFatSecret tab at the top of the screen (PC version) and then go to My Cookbook. From My Cookbook you can "Submit a recipe". Or as Canaveral-Beach wrote, you can save items entered ...
by jm1111 on 18 Sep 18 11:57 AM
Toning up the belly
Abdominal fat does not respond to area specific training. The only way to reduce it is to eat less calories than you expend over a long period of time.
by ieGod on 18 Sep 18 11:54 AM
Fitness Tracker Linking
Good morning everyone. I have been recently trying out a few fitness trackers/smartwatches to see which one I like best. I've settled on the Samsung Galaxy Watch (I think), but I am having a hard ...
by Lhill928 on 17 Sep 18 11:11 AM
Blended soups
You can make soups out of any vegetable you like. Blend in either vegetable broth or chicken or beef broth
by wandawil on 17 Sep 18 07:35 AM

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