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How do I add a recipe or a saved meal?
Well, I'm a little frustrated now... :? Tried to add a recipe to my cook book and I'm finding it's not so user friendly. Wanted the recipe added for a low carb pizza crust. Then wanted to ...
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started by Drammaw.   
Hi All. I am so excited. We just got back last night after 16 days vacation in San Diego and Anaheim and I LOST half a pound. It may not seem like much, but we ate out in restaurants every meal, went ...
7 replies, last reply by oliviageorge, 3 weeks ago.   3,616 views.
started by ktoughAgirl.   
there is usually a place where you just click or tap join I think.
2 replies, last reply by liv001, a month ago.   635 views.
started by imTari.   
I am currently following the ketogenic plan,is there a forum for that on here or a diet that exist u
Is there a Keto Diet on this site to follow or any groups that are following this plan? Thank You.
2 replies, last reply by theVeggieCrusador, a month ago.   1,198 views.
started by tewey.   
I am currently following the ketogenic plan,is there a forum for that on here or a diet that exist u
Is there a Keto Diet on this site to follow or any groups that are following this plan? Thank You.
1 reply, last reply by liv001, a month ago.   1,155 views.
started by tewey.   
I am looking for a quality potassium and magnesium brand?
4 replies, last reply by ieGod, a month ago.   1,769 views.
started by tewey.   
Help with Atkins or other diet
Hi.If somebody followed Atkins diet.Please help.Tell me with your experience.How this diet working.Thank you
9 replies, last reply by Dee_T, 2 months ago.   3,429 views.
started by Irena3325.   
Carb count
I started LCHF yesterday and have a question regarding carb counts. I have always had powdered creamer in my coffee and switched to Land of Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream. The nutrition label says, carbs 0 ...
2 replies, last reply by Nedra Plante, 4 months ago.   1,040 views.
started by marylpn.   
weigh in
trying to get to a point where I trust myself to go a whole week with out weighing my self. also trying not to be a weekend eater. lost 4 lbs last week and gained back 1 over the weekend. that is a ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 5 months ago.   2,712 views.
started by kerry1112.   
Low carb high fat. - see
Instead of questioning yourself. Check an alternative view You’re probably correct just too much physics not enough biology with calories in/ calories out Good luck.
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started by njhou, 6 months ago.   
Why is it that the package of cheese (monterey jack) says zero carbs but according when I list it as a food at a meal it does have carbs?
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started by chayes1234, 6 months ago.   
Low carb and hypothyroidism
Does anybody else have a problem with hypothyroidism and trying to do low carb. Started Atkins July 23,2018, I've lost 6 lbs and have stalled for a while now. Does anybody have any ideas, can use ...
8 replies, last reply by Budshuman, 6 months ago.   2,602 views.
started by dalereynolds.   
low carb eating
I am trying to start the low carb diet, i have gone on Atkins site,but am not to good with computer, and finding it a little hard finding what i need to do. I would like a buddy to help me on my way, I ...
7 replies, last reply by SJWNana, 7 months ago.   5,611 views.
started by allieree.   
Atkins Followers
So I did the grocery shopping and am geared to go. I came back on here and read some of the food journals of others on Atkins. Why are so many Not eating?? I see people who are eating bare minimum ...
3 replies, last reply by sooney50, 8 months ago.   1,954 views.
started by Mjgh06.   
Would like a buddy that can relate to my situation
In the last year I have developed many food allergies. Tomatoes being the highest. Being very limited to my food choices can someone really succeed on an ongoing food plan? Appreciate the feedback.
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started by Franontrack, 8 months ago.   
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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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