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kg's to Lb's and Time Zone
Hey everyone, I have been trying to change the units in which my weight is in and time zone. I hit save but it reverts back to what it was before. I have tried to change it on the app over my phone and ...
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started by reankanesmom, 9 hours ago.   
Journal Entry
I made a journal entry but when I try to view it under "me" it says "no recent activity" but yet, it is there under the "record a journal entry" button. I also have my pr ...
8 replies, last reply by teravela, 15 hours ago.   135 views.
started by teravela.   
Garmin Connect Integration
Millions of people use Garmin devices to track their daily movements, exercise, sleep etc. I would love to be able to sync data between Fat Secret & Garmin, the same way M Fitness Pal does. Are there ...
17 replies, last reply by TeeGeeAh, 4 days ago.   17,210 views.
started by Waddo.   
Edit Exercise
How do I delete or edit exercise info?
3 replies, last reply by hopefulmetoo, 4 days ago.   1,299 views.
started by caspercobb.   
How to remove account
I helped my grandson set up his account and discovered he did not want it. I want to remove it for him; he's too young to do it himself.
2 replies, last reply by martha jesse, a week ago.   21,277 views.
started by Sweethome.   
Different number in diary and in diet calendar
Hello, I've been using the app for Android for five days now, everything seems very helpful to me and easy to use daily. I have only one problem. When I'm in my daily diary I seem to have several ...
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started by Fotini Stamopoulou, a week ago.   
Issue regarding Authentication
I am managing user profiles at my site by creating users using profile.create API and getting session key using profile.request_script_session_key API. I am able to load the UI using the single line of ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, a week ago.   187 views.
started by nikhilbadgu.   
More Details
Does this site offer any way to take a look at the recommanded intake and my current intake of nutrients like Vitamins and proteins etc?
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started by OwlongTea, a week ago.   
Adding supplements to food journal
I guess this falls in technical help. The three supplements I use, Deva Vegan Multivitamin, Deva Vegan Glucosamine, and CVS Biotin 5000 mcg, are not in FS's database. I went through the tedious work ...
5 replies, last reply by Trey Coleman, a week ago.   3,310 views.
started by JW4444.   
Calendar start day
Is there a place in the settings to change the start day on the calendar? Having it start on Monday instead of Sunday is confusing as hell...
21 replies, last reply by kieranwilliams, a week ago.   16,823 views.
started by lavudyar.   
API problem
Hello there! I have repeatedly addressed you. I am a developer and I have a small problem with the API fatsecret. In the mail you do not answer it, please tell me where I can write to solve a problem.:(
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started by masha_mng, a week ago.   
Customize Meal
Can someone explain this to me? I went to add a customized meal, and it would not save the meal. It kept asking me to "add foods to the meal," and would not let me save it until I did. It would ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 2 weeks ago.   260 views.
started by tontonxd.   
can i start over?
Is there a way to clear all my data in the app and start from scratch?
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started by unquiet, 2 weeks ago.   
HELP! Journal Dates are off
Since yesterday, I noticed in my Journal that my recorded entry dates are showing a day ahead of what it is supposed to be. In the info of it the correct date is there, but the blue lettered date is w ...
1 reply, last reply by ruthe1213, 2 weeks ago.   1,613 views.
started by DFinch83.   
Editing a recipe
I placed a recipe in my cook book and need to change something in it. Any suggestions other than to start all over and do it again
4 replies, last reply by lprugh, 3 weeks ago.   662 views.
started by Morninglory1121.   

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kg's to Lb's and Time Zone
Hey everyone, I have been trying to change the units in which my weight is in and time zone. I hit save but it reverts back to what it was before. I have tried to change it on the app over my phone and ...
by reankanesmom on 23 Oct 20 09:53 PM
Journal Entry
Thanks @egdw I will try the American site. However, I'm not sure why what I'm asking seems to be confusing people, maybe I'm not asking in a clear manner, so here it is broken down... 1. ...
by teravela on 23 Oct 20 04:06 PM
Garmin Connect Integration
Hey Fatsecret dudes. I love your app and have given up on FitBit. Do you think you could let us know if we can sync with Garmin or MyFitnesPal? Thanks
by TeeGeeAh on 19 Oct 20 05:25 PM
Edit Exercise
calories for fitbit exercise is not right. how do I fix it
by hopefulmetoo on 19 Oct 20 10:52 AM
How to remove account
pls delete my account immediately I realized I do not need to count my calories pls cancel this account
by martha jesse on 17 Oct 20 12:54 AM

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