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Vitamin C sources
Often times it is difficult to figure out what food sources give us the most of our essential vitamins in the body, such as vitamin C. After doing a little scientific experiment involving titration m ...
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Health – Weight Loss
Hi, I would like to share my weight loss story with all of you guys, it might inspire some people to lose weight. I started weight training at the start but due to work and office, I wasn't able to ...
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Weight loss
When you are overweight, you not only struggle with a myriad of health conditions but also have to face unsolicited comments and namecalling. So being a self-defensive start your journey.
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What would you tell your 16 year old self?
Most of us have been overweight all of our lives. If you could go back in time and meet yourself, what advice would you give yourself regarding, weight and life in general? This is not necessarily ...
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Weight loss
You can change your attitudes and habits to support your goals for losing excess weight and improving your fitness. At times it seems like two steps forward and one step back, but that's still one ...
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disturbance of the biological clock greatly affects weight
I can say that the lack of sleep or the disturbance of the biological clock greatly affects weight and its increase. especially strong in the new conditions of life #disturbancеbiologicalclock #lostw ...
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May 22 android patch caps ml and grams to 999. Can't put in 1kg or 1 ltr
A new android version appears to have been released today (22 may) which changes the diary item edit menu. The change has put in a bigger detail UI. The new UI caps the units to 999. E.g. if I drink ...
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Intermittent Fasting
I have been working on this approach to dieting since January. Started off with 18/6 fast but found that I need to fast for at least 20 hours to see any results. So far I have lost 11kgs. Will keep you ...
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just me
Hellllllllllooooooooooo people of all shapes and sizes, peter here!, i don't post very much but trust me i read a lot, well today i'm sitting back (sipping on an ice cold CARB free beer) and d ...
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Secrets to live by
My secrets to a great life is to live every day as if it's your last day.
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Life Is Hard, And There Is No Easy Road
Best books I’ve read in a long time, older one, “The Road Less Travelled” and a new one, “12 Rules for Life”. The essence? Life is hard and there is no substitute for discipline hard work. I’m not going ...
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Weight Loss
Hello all, Great new for me, I lost 6 pound, my weakest point is alcohol, if I leave it along, I can lose more weight.
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Environmental Pollution in Your Area
Hi, everyone. Watching Mike Mutzel on YouTube and he is speaking with cancer survivor and expert Dr. Nasha Winters on how you can let the body heal itself through diet and other techniques. She mentioned ...
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What do you truly wish for yourself besides weight loss?
We believe we'll be so happy if we lose this extra weight. Maybe yes or maybe no. I can't answer that for you for definition of happiness is different for everyone. So, besides losing weight, ...
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inside out Diet and Eat to live paid books for FREE
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Vitamin C sources
Wonder what zinc rich foods are. I will google and see what comes up It looks like oysters were the big winners. Then shellfish and meats. And also some seeds. Does not look too hard to get enough ...
by liv001 on 13 Oct 20 09:21 PM
Health – Weight Loss
Congratulations on getting yourself back!
by Pcbaulch on 10 Aug 20 04:23 PM
Weight loss
To other people, I say, "Now, let's discuss your body composition." No one seems to like that, but it shuts them up real quick.
by Pcbaulch on 10 Aug 20 04:20 PM
What would you tell your 16 year old self?
Eat your veggies and greens!! They'll give you energy to get you through basketball practice!!! And the whole time you wanted a good hamburger-it was really the lettuce, pickle and tomato that made ...
by Chrsye on 15 Jul 20 11:27 AM
Weight loss
Thank you for sharing i needed to hear that.
by MaryE72 on 16 May 20 11:58 AM

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