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Hello and nice to meet you...
Hi! I'm a "Spark People Refugee", newbie intermittent faster looking to connect with another like minded, health conscious tribe. I'm just going to jump into the deep end and see if ...
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started by Triangle-Woman.   
Hi, My Introduction
Hi everyone I am coming over from Sparks also. What team were you on at sparks? I'm not seeing a lot of names that I know but I'm aware that you might have had to change them.
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New Member
Good Afternoon I am coming from the sparks team.I am married with 3 small dogs. I live in Payson, a little mountain town. :) I am 72 Roy is 71 . we sold our home near phoenix bought a 5th wheel, ...
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started by cathaleenbray, about a day ago.   
Newbie to FS Here
Hi - I'm new to FatSecret, having moved over from Spark People as they announced they will be closing their doors in August. I wanted to make the switch now, to ease the transition as I've been ...
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About Me
I am 34yrs old, I have 3 kids (a set of twins) who are 12yrs old & a soon to be 4yrs old and their all boys. I have recently weighed in at my highest of 229.2lbs (handsovereyes). I refuse to make ...
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Welcome. Sparkle and Shine is a group formed for Spark friends, old and new. This is a place for us to connect with each other and give support as we make our journey to better health.;)
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started by speded2, 4 days ago.   
Hello. I am new. Just joined Sunday. Still learning how to navigate myself around the site. I love the food tracking and activity tracking. My name is Nancy, my handle is PAYNENA. I am 51 years old. ...
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started by Paynena.   
Seeking support
Hi, I am something of an old girl, with a sore hip that is limiting my exercise. Very frustrating situation. I really enjoy cooking and have worked out that I have cooked around 12,500 meals in my life. ...
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Motivation, Tip's, Friendship,Encouragement and Support needed!
Hi everyone! I am new here but not new to dieting...I have had a weight problem all my life and 15 years ago managed to loose it all !!! Over the last few years i have ''allowed''it, to ...
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New Here
Hi, friends! I'm new here, and excited to start this journey. I'd like to connect with other guys for any insights or suggestions of what has worked for you. I realized the other day that I ...
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started by Vitki, 2 weeks ago.   
Weight Loss Adventure
I will be turning 55 this year and it's time to lose some weight in order to be more healthy. I am not able to exercise the way I would like to or the way I had years ago but even walking will help. ...
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started by Renwar10596, 2 weeks ago.   
Me and a little of my writing.
I am 25 Years old and live in MD with my Mom, Sister and Brother-in-law. I am saving to go to college full time and to have surgeries done to remove the excess skin.. Wow, what I long road I still h ...
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New to FatSecret
I am 66 and have been healthy and pretty physically active most of my life. I have no blood pressure or cholesterol issues, even at my age. Fifteen years ago, I started gaining weight and nothing seemed ...
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started by katherineburrell.   
Just found this site
I only discovered this site about a week ago, and I'm still learning to use it. I started dieting after New Year's day. I have never dieted before. I weighed myself after the Christmas gluttony ...
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started by Riprock45, 2 months ago.   
Hi!My name is Anitiana.I have a addition to yogurt.I will post my breakfast everyday so you can have nutritius and delicius meals with me!I weigh in every night and every morning and will give you my ...
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started by CerealForBreakfast, 2 months ago.   

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Hello and nice to meet you...
Hi, also coming from SP. I was & still doing a few challenges but I have changed my eating to low/carb & IN Fasting. Mostly I just do 16 hrs. fasting. Started out great but the last few days my ...
by Herbs and Flowers on 15 Jun 21 07:03 AM
Hi, My Introduction
Hello! I am a SparkPeople orphan. I'm still using the platform and am in the 2nd week of the BL Challenge as a Scarlet Dragon. I am searching for a place to land after it closes down and am giving ...
by SPWinterflower on 15 Jun 21 06:29 AM
New Member
Good Afternoon I am coming from the sparks team.I am married with 3 small dogs. I live in Payson, a little mountain town. :) I am 72 Roy is 71 . we sold our home near phoenix bought a 5th wheel, ...
by cathaleenbray on 14 Jun 21 06:26 PM
Newbie to FS Here
Me too !
by zoeyblu on 14 Jun 21 09:49 AM
About Me
It's a great reading!
by michaelscott2 on 13 Jun 21 04:04 AM

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