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Fitness Trackers
Any chance of adding a garmin Edge cycling computer to the apps that track exercise?
4 replies, last reply by Steven Lloyd, a year ago.   1,877 views.
started by Brightonuk.   
Body20 EMS Training
I am starting with Body20 EMS training today and I would like to add the exercise on my app, but I cannot seem to find it on the exercises listed. Does anyone know what the burn rate is for EMS? cals/hr?
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started by pvdwalt5, a year ago.   
Excercise and Fitbit
Can someone please help, I'm a bit confused. When I have linked a fitbit tracker to my account, do I need to log anything else too. I was thinking that the fitbit tracked the steps but things like ...
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started by JulPre, 2 years ago.   
Come and walk with us
Please join us for our next 300 mile challenge. We dropped a lot of weight during our first 300 miles. What a success! This challenge breaks down to walking 3 miles daily. This is an achievable goal as ...
4 replies, last reply by Albert Arul Prakash, 2 years ago.   2,219 views.
started by Sherillynn.   
Exercise is a big thing to me when it comes to being fit and i hope it is to:d
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started by jazzy mccrae, 2 years ago.   
Best free youtube videos for 30 minute varied workouts?
Hi all, What are the best youtube channels or other free online videos for varied, general fitness workouts? I know there are tons of videos available, I'm just trying to sort through them and t ...
5 replies, last reply by Yassie Garcia, 2 years ago.   6,860 views.
started by Herbie.   
How to Enter Custom Exercise at calories / hour
The substantial base list of exercises are defined as a rate of calories over time. This is great as the time (duration) can be edited when I save the exercise and the number of calories is automatically ...
no replies.   636 views.
started by bobmorley1, 2 years ago.   
Gardening walking hope to go swimming
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started by lindafisher, 2 years ago.   
HIIT Cardio!
Hello everyone:!: I really love doing HIIT cardio. Below is the type of HIIT I enjoy and helps me really keep the lbs off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbjijIP_siE How many of you do HIIT cardio?
no replies.   576 views.
started by jgoins36114, 2 years ago.   
differances between sites
Hi all, only been on this site for a few days now but have noticed a difference with other sites pertaining to calories burned for exercising...eg; stationary biking fitness pal says I burn about 315 ...
4 replies, last reply by rorschach_blot, 2 years ago.   2,248 views.
started by duhpro13.   
differances between sites
One site may use your BMR rate and the other may subtract it for the given exercise, level of intensity, and length of time. Hope this helps.
4 replies, last reply by rorschach_blot, 2 years ago.   2,248 views.
started by duhpro13.   
Simple and Easy ways to Better Fitness
Simple and Easy ways to Better Fitness Simple and painless Squats https://youtu.be/5c1k9Wt9uX8
4 replies, last reply by KAC777, 2 years ago.   1,958 views.
started by KAC777.   
What is the Best Recumbent bike for seniors?
Hello Buddies, I wants to buy a recumbent bike, but i don't have proper guideline, can anyone suggest me where to find a buying guide for Best Recumbent bike for seniors, what will help me actually. ...
4 replies, last reply by Yourpissingmeoff, 2 years ago.   2,685 views.
started by James Caggiano.   
Preworkout Question
I do not react very well to traditional caffeine, such as from coffee or energy drinks, but I am needing more energy for my workouts. My trainer suggested looking into some different preworkouts, and some ...
9 replies, last reply by TomLong, 2 years ago.   5,349 views.
started by MissSmith858.   
Bad arm and can't do push ups
I am just starting out (obviously lol) and I know exercise is rather difficult at first, I'm ok with that. I'm also ok with the pain in the muscles and jelly feeling...I can not handle the severe ...
4 replies, last reply by TiffanyNicole89, 2 years ago.   2,148 views.
started by TiffanyNicole89.   
fit board
Has anyone tried the new exercise craze...SimplyFitBoard...I saw it on TV the other day and it looks fun and easy with little impact. I just wanted to see if anyone has tried or seen or has any info
1 reply, last reply by crazyday1, 2 years ago.   2,123 views.
started by nkdearaujo10.   
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Exercise vs calories
I was wondering if the exercises you enter for the day have any effect on the calories you need? I don't see where the exercises you do is kept track of? If the daily goal is 1500 calories, wou ...
by Collector Girl on 14 Jul 19 01:45 PM
Tracking steps
There is a free iPhone app called "Runtastic Steps", also available for Android. It counts your steps as well as miles. https://www.runtastic.com/en/apps/me
by annerolfe on 28 Apr 19 08:42 AM
What is your basic work-out routine?
Phil wrote: Dynamic Tension. Free weights are great until you sustain an injury. You will sustain an injury eventually. I got severe tendonitis in my elbow after going too heavy doing barbell rows, l ...
by Phil.tx on 03 Apr 19 12:08 PM
"Although the 10,000 step daily goal is not universally appropriate for all ages and levels of physical function, it is considered “a reasonable target for healthy adults,” according to a 2011 re ...
by CMR on 12 Mar 19 10:41 AM
Training and riding horses
horse is so dangerous
by sharellwilliams on 15 Jan 19 10:14 AM

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