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Exercise vs calories
I was wondering if the exercises you enter for the day have any effect on the calories you need? I don't see where the exercises you do is kept track of? If the daily goal is 1500 calories, wou ...
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started by Collector Girl, 2 days ago.   
Tracking steps
Hi - does anyone know if I can just track steps instead of min/hours walking? It would be more accurate since I use a step counter. I didn't see any option other the tracking time. Thanks.
3 replies, last reply by annerolfe, 3 months ago.   830 views.
started by weeble257.   
What is your basic work-out routine?
Do you mind sharing your typical daily exercise routine and hopefully assist me and other members with ideas?
26 replies, last reply by Phil.tx, 3 months ago.   15,158 views.
started by skinnyzee-01.   
For those of you who walk for exercise, how many miles do you get in per week? I'm very heavy and have a back problem, so I have to go fairly slow and not too much at a time, but I've been g ...
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started by LPBeachBaby.   
Training and riding horses
Many people don't believe how much weight you can lose and the muscle you can gain with some serious riding. Catch the horse, un-blanket (I am in Canada), groom, clean feet, tack up (western saddles ...
4 replies, last reply by sharellwilliams, 6 months ago.   2,848 views.
started by classicreata.   
Work out plans for Tuesday!
What is everyone doing for exercise today? I discovered the rowing machine in the gym at work. It has games to encourage you to row fater or slower.
5 replies, last reply by liv001, 7 months ago.   1,812 views.
started by Diminishing_ME.   
Belly fat over 50
I have been losing some weight but nothing is happening in the "belly" area. When I look at family pictures, we all have the beer belly, both men and women. Is there something I can do to help ...
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started by wanna feel good.   
Fitness Tracker Linking
Good morning everyone. I have been recently trying out a few fitness trackers/smartwatches to see which one I like best. I've settled on the Samsung Galaxy Watch (I think), but I am having a hard ...
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started by Lhill928, 10 months ago.   
Simply Fit Board
Anyone know how to track the calories burned when using a Simply Fitboard?
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started by meldurfee, a year ago.   
Why does the exercise log automatically put in 8 hours of sleep?
1 reply, last reply by jannahkha, a year ago.   1,311 views.
started by meldurfee.   
Itchy legs!
Not sure if this is the right place to post, but does anyone have super itchy legs when they workout? I've been inactive over the winter for sure, but I went walking with my dogs yesterday for only ...
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started by polliwogs_3, a year ago.   
using calories
Just noticed that you supposedly use 50 cal more per hour if you're studying than doing desk work. Now that's sneaky!!! I work at my desk 8 hours a day and most of that time I'm fairly fo ...
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started by Wilpena, a year ago.   
Love handles
How do I get rid of love handles?
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started by Snails50, a year ago.   
Stair Climbing exercise
So I want to enter in some of the exercise I did yesterday, but "Stairs (Climbing Stairs)" is entered by time rather than flights. And I have no idea how much time I spent walking up the stairs ...
2 replies, last reply by TRPiJiu, a year ago.   2,294 views.
started by TRPiJiu.   
Can someone help me with weight loss through Yoga...
Does anyone know of any personalised weight loss and Yoga plans on the web? Really keen to loose weight and improve my fitness through some Yoga. Any thoughts, advise or recommendations would be greatly ...
1 reply, last reply by xtrapeasy, a year ago.   1,149 views.
started by John12345678910.   
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Exercise vs calories
I was wondering if the exercises you enter for the day have any effect on the calories you need? I don't see where the exercises you do is kept track of? If the daily goal is 1500 calories, wou ...
by Collector Girl on 14 Jul 19 01:45 PM
Tracking steps
There is a free iPhone app called "Runtastic Steps", also available for Android. It counts your steps as well as miles. https://www.runtastic.com/en/apps/me
by annerolfe on 28 Apr 19 08:42 AM
What is your basic work-out routine?
Phil wrote: Dynamic Tension. Free weights are great until you sustain an injury. You will sustain an injury eventually. I got severe tendonitis in my elbow after going too heavy doing barbell rows, l ...
by Phil.tx on 03 Apr 19 12:08 PM
"Although the 10,000 step daily goal is not universally appropriate for all ages and levels of physical function, it is considered “a reasonable target for healthy adults,” according to a 2011 re ...
by CMR on 12 Mar 19 10:41 AM
Training and riding horses
horse is so dangerous
by sharellwilliams on 15 Jan 19 10:14 AM

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