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High School Student who loves the internet, looking for a buddy!
Hello! You can call me Bre! I am looking to lose 15 pounds by the start of summer and would appreciate a diet buddy! I like anime and listening to Vocaloid! I have been overweight since after puberty, ...
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started by Pawsome.   
I am 43 and have piled on the weight it the past few years. I feel ready now to get back to my old self but have no idea what to do or how to start. Looking for someone with a bit of experience. Basic ...
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started by Sanci43.   
Just starting out
My journey is beginning. "Again" I am determined and ready to help myself. I have come off a 5 year rollercoaster of a son who just had a kidney transplant. Life has really taken a toll on ...
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started by melodypetersen.   
Pork rinds are a great snack as they are super low in carb, but the flavors they come in are not that great. Recently I discovered adding "RANCH" dressing 1/4th of a packet to my whole bag of ...
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started by Deborahg382, 2 months ago.   
Buddy Request from Finland
Hi All, I've received a buddy request from Finland, which, of course, I can't reply too as I can't access the Finnish site. Can anyone tell me how I can accept this please? Will it turn ...
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started by minitata.   
Females over 50 - Lose 100 Pounds
I am dedicated to losing 27 pounds by December 2020. My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 100 pounds and maintain my weight. I have been yo-yoing for years and am seeking DIET BUDDIES - Women over 50 ...
15 replies, last reply by Ashley Sherrard, 5 months ago.   7,206 views.
started by mimi247365.   
Looking for a diet buddy
I am just getting started back to weight loss after gaining 35# in the past year. I am over 60 and need a buddy to keep me motivated. I am going to do low carb as well as track calories. I plan on ...
1 reply, last reply by janetmay, 7 months ago.   2,856 views.
started by sadiecakes.   
Weighing In
Hello there! I have a question... how often do you weigh yourself? I try to every Friday, but wondering if I should go to every other Friday. What are your thoughts?
2 replies, last reply by jovigirl47, 8 months ago.   2,776 views.
started by jovigirl47.   
Ketovore anyone?
Good luck. I would not say I am ketovore but I am keto. Carbs are probably only 10-15% of my diet and I have been doing it for 2 years. I have not seen anyone describe themselves as ketovores here. ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 8 months ago.   1,558 views.
started by teravela.   
Looking for diet buddy
Hello, I am a 40's married female (2 fur kids) in Melbourne, Australia with approximately 35 kg to lose. Looking for someone to chat with and share the "journey".
7 replies, last reply by komynplat, 9 months ago.   3,326 views.
started by kw1rky.   
What's the craziest diet you guys ever tried?
So I have been one of those people who has experimented with damn near every diet just out of pure curiosity. I'm already in shape so I don't do it to lose weight or anything. I just want to know ...
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started by taimurhilas8, 10 months ago.   
Come & Join a new Group & a 12 week Challenge
Hi all, I'm just starting my weight loss journey and I am so excited to get started because I feel that I'm in the right head space and have tried every diet under the sun. Now I'm doing what ...
1 reply, last reply by sinajune, a year ago.   1,204 views.
started by Giggles40.   
Motivation through others.
Hi, I'm one week into Keto and just finished going through Keto Flu. I just barely made it through work during the "flu", let alone working out and would have loved motivation from others. ...
3 replies, last reply by leighlun, a year ago.   1,307 views.
started by lmh2882.   
DIET and TIPS: How to lose weight and control sugar addiction
It's been one week since I started my diet on chicken, fish and vegetables. I haven't touched bread, pasta, potatoes, coca-cola, sugar.. you name it. Basically my everyday diet is more or less ...
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started by Nathalienada, a year ago.   
accountability partner wanted
I'm 58 male, married, looking for someone to communicate daily/weekly, no commitment to amount of chat, just someone to compare notes, recipes, success, failures, etc. "Not a friend collector ...
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started by armyvet25.   

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High School Student who loves the internet, looking for a buddy!
carlstensfer102 wrote: This topic reminded me of a situation when I found a friend just like here. I threw a message on the forum and someone responded funny. And so began a cool friendship for years to ...
by auwebber23 on 15 Jun 21 02:03 PM
I need a fasting buddy too! I'm 39 and with lots of experience, just need so,eone to talk with and support each other!
by Paricia Yellow on 29 May 21 03:17 PM
Just starting out
Well that sounds great! Most of here would be happy to join you in your diet journey. Anyway, what's your diet plan?
by GabrielleFae on 16 Apr 21 06:26 PM
Pork rinds are a great snack as they are super low in carb, but the flavors they come in are not that great. Recently I discovered adding "RANCH" dressing 1/4th of a packet to my whole bag of ...
by Deborahg382 on 01 Apr 21 09:45 AM
Buddy Request from Finland
If you have translated important information for you, then you should not trust the automatic translation using Google. I think that in order to avoid misunderstanding of information, you should use the ...
by polslow on 19 Feb 21 09:11 AM

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