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So I've been increasing my fruit and vegetable intake. I love fruits and I "tolerate" vegetables. Any advice on how to make vegetables (I've been eating mostly frozen mixed veg and c ...
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started by Manjomane Mhlongo.   
Migraine ideas
Hi all. I had my first migraine in grade 3. They were infrequent through my life until my late 30s. For a while I was getting them every two weeks for three days each. Given how much they impact my ...
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Glucose sensor users?
I'm thinking of trying out a continuous glucose monitor (Freestyle Libre). Does anyone have experience using it (or a similar system)? Can you sync the data with FatSecret? Thanks!
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Who is losing too fast or slow?
I think the BMR calculations one here are too high. The best way I figured it for me is BMR calculated at my goal weight instead of my current weight and my body will level out when my weight meets my ...
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What do you like doing the most during summer? What activities do you like to do to help lose weight?
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When to Weigh
I just had a qucikie, when would be the best time to weigh yourself? In the morning? afternoon? evening?
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I started my weight loss programme on 15 August 2020. At age 77, I know my calories for maintenance are lower than for younger people. When I started I weighed 218one (5'4" )and my calories ...
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Free Kindle Book at the moment
This book is free at the moment, it may not be free for long.... Food Addiction: A Step by Step Guide to Overcoming Food Addiction - **Free Bonus**: food addiction recovery, Skinny Thinking, Obsessed, ...
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Hi, Kate (Tilly) here, just wondering if anyone here is in a wheel chair either permanently or for a period of time. I have broken the 2 bones in my right lower leg in a compound fracture and will be ...
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Reduce Belly Fat !!
The place of garlic is irreplaceable in Indian cuisine. Outside the kitchen too, garlic has been regarded as one of the most potent foods to cure a variety of diseases and conditions. According to the ...
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started by issac80, a year ago.   
digital vs. dial scale....which one works best?
I weigh 66.5 kg on my dial scale and 70 kg on a digital scale...which one is more accurate?
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started by fatihaji02.   
I try to have oatmeal every other day, but since it is a bunch of measuring, I usually have eggs. I used to love oatmeal with brown sugar, and lots of butter, and also with raisins. Then, I never me ...
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started by DauntlessBlue.   
Sleeping aids when mind just can't stop working
You know those nights when you just can't shut your brain off? It happens to me when I have a fight with my loved ones, when I'm excited about some new idea, or when I've spent all day working ...
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started by lenakh.   
Vagal nerve inflimation and Palpitations/Racing heart.
To all of you like myself who have Heart palpitations and or SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia.)Racing heart. Which I am pretty sure is EXACTLY what is wrong with me. Ill explain in a second. After ...
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started by knuckles the mgtow monk.   
Display Weekly Average
Based on following the Weighless program, I weigh myself every day and then compute the weekly average. I record the daily weights in this Fatsecret App and then compute the averages on a spreadsheet. ...
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started by SamirND, a year ago.   

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veg is great, you just need to try some different stuff.. I love grated carrot and beetroot..can eat loads of it mixed in with some spinach or whatever.. Throw in some egg or tuna you have a fine salad.
by johnbob2 on 22 Oct 21 10:09 AM
Migraine ideas
External symptoms of intoxication with cannabinoids: movements are either extremely inhibited, or sweeping and clumsy, speech is slurred, poses are pretentious and unnatural.
by Christild on 21 Oct 21 03:32 PM
Glucose sensor users?
Orthodox1 pretty well covered it. It is sad that it can often be off up 2 pts especially for lows/highs & when that happened you have use you BS reading(prick) Pain in the middle of the night. Does ...
by mrsclassicscrazy on 03 Sep 21 05:09 PM
Who is losing too fast or slow?
I think the BMR calculations one here are too high. The best way I figured it for me is BMR calculated at my goal weight instead of my current weight and my body will level out when my weight meets my ...
by Crinkledhalo on 11 Jul 21 08:44 PM
Yard work and swimming.
by lourock1 on 03 Jul 21 06:33 AM

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