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How do I delete an item from a draft recipe?
How do I delete an item from a draft recipe? The edit function does not seem to allow it
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started by Denwayz, 3 days ago.   
Cottage Cheese
Instead of reaching for the ice cream in the middle of the night, try cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is rich in protein, improves digestion, and boosts weight loss. It is low in sodium compared to other ...
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started by sakuragastaldo .   
Why does everybody put such delicious looking meals on their posts. My meals are so boring...……….:(
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started by VictorLoreti.   
Unsure how to log two recipes?
I recently made two bulk meals and am unsure how to log them. First, I made some sous vide chicken thighs. (Fantastic -- super super tender and deadly easy.) While sous-vide-ing them, they rendered out ...
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started by slip-hayes.   
Pictures a friend of mine took of food and drinks
url= These are a few pictures that a friend of mine took, on a website she created. There are tabs on the top that will take you to other categ ...
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started by estherhunt.   
Inspirational Food pictures!
I love seeing all the wonderful meals that people post. Some of you post how many calories which is great. I would love to know the recipes and wonder if these could be written alongside, so I can rep ...
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started by Gypsy Tart, 2 months ago.   
No longer able to update food nutrients?
I have been using Fatsecret for years, and I swear I remember that a user could update the nutrients on any food found in the database. However, that option does not appear to be available any longer? ...
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started by azinski, 5 months ago.   
My Cookbook & Serving Size
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to show serving size on my cookbook recipes' nutrition label. Right now it says "Serving Size: 1 serving" (See attached image). That's kind ...
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started by jabisme.   
Creating Homemade recipes and using them in other recipes
I make almost everything from scratch and so I have so many recipes in my cookbook. One thing I would like is if I could lets say take my homemade tomato recipe and had it to my homemade chili recipe. ...
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started by annicktrobak.   
What it is called product
8) ;) :arrow: Hello everyone) I live now in Moscow in Russia. I often eat curd. Tell me what it is called in English in your country. I mean such a product with such a composition) Structure in 100 ...
1 reply, last reply by Chow moore, 7 months ago.   334 views.
started by julya_fs.   
Looks yummy! Gonna try ... not sure on calories
Chicken spinach and mushroom low carb oven dish Ingredients 6 thin sliced chicken breasts 1 container green onion cream cheese 1/4 cup olive oil 1/2 cup chicken broth 1 Large package sliced mushrooms ...
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started by ffree, 8 months ago.   
Great lunch meal if you love tuna
If anyone likes tuna, I have been loving a tuna salad for lunch. I put down a bed of lettuce, 3/4 of a can of chunk light in water(I love solid chunk, but it is pricey), a medium tomato, half a cucumber, ...
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started by Jasonsgirlfridaythe13th, 9 months ago.   
My sweet and spicy grilled salmon
Dinner tonight included grilled salmon fillets with a Thai Chili sweet and spicy glaze I made. Had some risotto to go along with it. I’ll smoke the rest of the fillet tomorrow. I’m not a professional ...
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started by jonathanbrady.   
5 star secret recipes
Quite intrigued might try out this one when I got the money. For those who want to try 5star at home this is for you.
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started by kumaser, 12 months ago.   
Keto - Diet plan
Hi, Anyone can assist me with a keto diet plan. I need to lose about 20 kg's and Im not sure where to begin with the keto diet. Any guidance will be appreciated.
2 replies, last reply by diet dreamer9, 12 months ago.   968 views.
started by Michy777.   
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How do I delete an item from a draft recipe?
How do I delete an item from a draft recipe? The edit function does not seem to allow it
by Denwayz on 07 Jul 20 06:20 PM
Cottage Cheese
You can also sprinkle it with cinnamon; giving it the extra flavor that curbs sweet cravings and supposedly boosts metabolism.
by I can see your halo on 05 Jul 20 10:29 AM
My "meals" do often not even make the plate
by liv001 on 02 Jul 20 05:45 PM
Unsure how to log two recipes?
Thanks I found it. It’s also in the app. You search for the food and go to the bottom of the search results and there is an add new food button.
by SteveB4 on 10 Jun 20 10:48 AM
Pictures a friend of mine took of food and drinks
I got to the site 0k by searching
by abbadabba on 08 Jun 20 07:29 PM

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