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Dining Out
I have a birthday dinner this weekend at Buffalo Wild Wings. Does anyone have any suggestions on the healthiest options to eat there? I know they are probably few and far between but just looking for some ...
8 replies, last reply by Debbie Cousins, 5 months ago.   1,539 views.
started by Ambrnikkol.   
Unable to lose weight. In dire need to lose weight- Doctor’s Orders!!!
I’m a 48 yr old woman of South Asian descent. I’m in dire need to lose at least 10 kgs asap preferably within the next 4 months (DOCTOR’s ORDERS). Or else I face huge risk of developing diabetes. I don’t ...
12 replies, last reply by Dee_T, 6 months ago.   2,294 views.
started by Aninquisitorinneed.   
carbs, fats
Where do I find out the amounts of fats and carbs I'm allowed daily?
3 replies, last reply by mrfancypants, 6 months ago.   718 views.
started by Theresa140.   
Binge Eating Disorder
Hello y'all. I've been diagnosed with extreme Binge Eating Disorder six years ago and I have been binging daily more than once for the last months and it has been getting worse with the days. ...
2 replies, last reply by immort777, 6 months ago.   814 views.
started by AnaGoals.   
How to share recipes
Does anyone know how to share recipes with others in your group? I would like to snag a whole recipe rather than having to enter all ingredients separately.
1 reply, last reply by wholefoodnut, 7 months ago.   1,673 views.
started by AC111987.   
I have a question... ON THE TOP: of our food items that we list, there are the categories that provide the amount of (whatever you choose to choose) Sodium, Fat, Sugar, Carbs & Protein (those are the ...
5 replies, last reply by liv001, 7 months ago.   1,779 views.
started by star71_.   
medication makes me eat!!!
i am currently on seroquel which i take at night... not even 20mins after taking it, im searching the kitchen for all the snacks i can eat!! its usually not healthy stuff either... last night i ate a ...
2 replies, last reply by danielpatrik, 8 months ago.   1,553 views.
started by AlteredReality.   
How do I delete a Saved meal on app?
Does anyone know? Maybe you can't? :(
3 replies, last reply by IncredibleShrinkingMan, 8 months ago.   6,382 views.
started by almaherself.   
kj intake
When i started yesterday, i loaded my weight etc, and selected weigth loss. Fatsecret gave me an amount of 1700 cal to use daily. Looking at others on fatsecret that also weigh plus minus the same than ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 8 months ago.   1,437 views.
started by Belinda4W.   
Cant eens pdf
Hey guys, I have a problem, i cant eens my daily diet 2 my personel trainer the app is sending the pdf but everyones phone keepster telling that they dont have the right app 2 open IT, A frend tryed ...
no replies.   1,184 views.
started by Sleevelezz, 9 months ago.   
Search seems unusable?
Hey guys, I wanted to add a recipe as I'm planning my food for the week, so I'm trying to add "Cathedral City Extra Mature Cheddar" or something similar and I'm finding the search ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 9 months ago.   1,517 views.
started by fantaloss.   
TDEE Calculator & Calorie Intake
Issue #1: Proper Calorie Intake I am confused about the TDEE calculator. I am a 33 year old female at 155 pounds. I am 5'7". I am trying to get down to 140 pounds by December 31st. How many ...
no replies.   2,724 views.
started by Tricia85, 9 months ago.   
Where do I go to recalculate my RDI's.
I am new and need to enter my set RDI's but I don't know where to look to find them. Do I need to recalculate? If so, where do I go to do this? Thank you.
1 reply, last reply by sooley, 9 months ago.   2,574 views.
started by terri1236.   
never lose weight
Back with fat secret. I never lose weight just go up and down .Fed up. Over 60, I exercise. I usually do 2 fast days a week.Then put weight on over weekend. Every time I go on holiday I gain weight. I ...
3 replies, last reply by GStillings, 10 months ago.   2,770 views.
started by mumperry.   
Followers Food Diary
Hi everyone! Is it possible for me to see my a followers food diary? Thanks!
no replies.   1,521 views.
started by samlikescats, 10 months ago.   
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PMS and weight changes
mahreenuh wrote: Hey ladies! How do you deal with your cravings when your period is approaching? I am on a diet to maintain my newly trimmed figure and I do not want to overload on carbs. However, I get ...
by claireosullivan on 03 Jul 19 03:39 PM
Need Motivation
Share here not with co-workers. Celebrate a .1 pound weight loss and don't worry about gain/loss/gain/loss. As I keep weight information daily it keeps me honest and I see the pattern. I am soon e ...
by claireosullivan on 03 Jul 19 03:35 PM
How much CARB per day?
If you keto it is recommended to do 20 net carbs
by liv001 on 18 Jun 19 09:04 AM
Notification no sound on iPhone/watch
Hi, just downloaded today, really liked everything except the notification. I set 6 reminders to remind me to log meals, none of them made any sound, very frustrating. I turned on everything but still ...
by chris.scy.xie on 16 Jun 19 07:25 PM
Where is the macronutrients view
Thanks! I had the same problem!
by ProTeen on 30 May 19 11:56 AM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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