Special Dieting Situations

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I just don't lose weight not matter how hard I try. I am thinking it is because of the antidepressants. I can't change the kind I am taking and can't get off them. I only eat 850 calories ...
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Tracking sodium and liquids
This app is wonderful. However, it would be wonderfuller if it would also track liquid intake and sodium intake. Does anyone know how to add those to the tracking? Going between a spreadsheet and the ...
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Dairy Intolerance
I am just trying to figure out if I am dairy intolerant. I have all the classic signs: constipation followed by the runs mingled with bloating and a lot of gas :roll: So now I am cutting out anything ...
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Does anybody successfully lose weight who is suffering with IBS? I haven't been diagnosed but suffer with a lot of the symptoms. Sometimes, I cannot stomach food as I am in agony. :) Thanks
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Just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism...
Had my physical October 16. My mother had thyroid problems, I turned 40 this year and now have hypothyroidism. I was doing really good until about 2 to 3 months ago. I started gaining weight. Now it seems ...
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Hi there Does anyone on the forum have these conditions and has anyone actually beat it, if so, what did you actually eat on a day? I have got the list of foods to avoid "Fodmaps" but am ac ...
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Vitamins recommendation and diet for my situation
I think you need a nutrient panel done first to see what deficiencies you have. You also need a thyroid level done; hair loss is a common sign of hypothyroidism. You're missing a lot of nutrients and ...
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medication related weight gain
I gained 50 lbs. on Seroquel, and am now on Remeron and Lyrica, but off the Seroquel. I am finding it really hard to get the weight off. Any advice?
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Depression, Thyroid, Non-Insurance
First, I do not have health insurance. I am a teacher, a single mom, and I work at 3 schools. I honestly have no clue if I qualify for state insurance or anything, but that's a subject for a different ...
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Losing weight with unfortunate diet situation
First of all I’m nearly above 100kg, 1.8 odd meters tall and i can’t eat most veggies and fruits because the feel of them make me throw up. Things like apples, carrots, salad and strawberries work for ...
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Stroke, fat and depressed
Having had a stroke and put on new meds I have put on so much weight.I am unable to walk and lay most of the day. The side effect of the new meds is weight gain and now being unable to walk I am so de ...
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Did you heard about Tea Burn Weight Loss Supplement ?
I use them as a pre-workout when I hit the Gym at 4 AM and don't want to drink whole bunch of pre-workout that early in the morning. It works for giving me the energy boost. Other than that, it is ...
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started by Sabrina440101, 3 months ago.   
Balancing Calories and Macro Limits
I've only been using this app for about a month and really enjoy it so far, however, I'm having some challenges hitting my calories within the limits of my macros. Basically, if I hit my recom ...
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Anyone on the AIP diet by chance? I'm looking for recipes without red meat.
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Feeling happy
I started to try not to throw up my meals. I feel anxious, but happy :)
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As soon as you drastically reduce calories, your body turns on defense in the form of fat accumulation. The liver starts to feed the body glucose if you stop eating the normal amount of carbohydrates and ...
by AbbyUnderwood on 15 Aug 22 06:24 AM
Tracking sodium and liquids
Sometimes I'll avoid foods because of sodium but then after using MFP I find I'm way below the "target". What about the days you go over target? How does this affect your body and how ...
by RajeshEzrado on 10 Aug 22 05:35 AM
Dairy Intolerance
Not a super allergy but I was never intolerant of it until went Vegan about 7ish years now I am super scared of ever going back to Dairy. About 3 months ago I accidently drank the wrong iced latte (my ...
by JernalinSadhoo on 01 Aug 22 12:32 AM
Fat can cause issues if you eat too much at a sitting, too. Low-fodmap will help you find your trigger foods as well. I am in phase 2-Reintroduction. Stress can flare it up big time. In my case, it is ...
by crstlgls on 28 Jul 22 07:21 PM
Just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism...
I have hypothyroidism, too. I needed Cytomel added to my Tirosint to get me stable. I gained 25 lbs before I was diagnosed on 9/21/2016. Yes, LISAMSV, Levothyroxine is a generic form of T4 hormone. Brand ...
by crstlgls on 28 Jul 22 07:16 PM

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