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Nutrition Data Accuracy
Is anyone or any *thing* checking accuracy of the data provided by the community? There is so much that is off. I compare exiting items in Fatsecret to the actual label before using it and tons of items ...
5 replies, last reply by Stuart Lewis, 2 months ago.   3,083 views.
started by Michaels13.   
salt v sodium
I'm slightly confused between the Android mobile App which asks for/gives Sodium values and the UK nutrition information on packaging which has Salt. Your online version also has Salt I know you ...
no replies.   404 views.
started by Stuart Lewis, 2 months ago.   
Weight record
I can't get my second weight to register. Help?
no replies.   523 views.
started by fredfudpucker, 2 months ago.   
Fitbit synch?
Hi everyone, i'm new to this group and was wondering if i can synch my fitbit steps to this program. thanks!
3 replies, last reply by jlkpcktt, 2 months ago.   1,442 views.
started by Petalls1.   
Net Calories? So confused...
I am confused by net calories. To give a little background, my daily allotted calories is 1400. I usually get 8 hours of sleep, and burn between 200-300 calories for workouts each day. At the top of ...
1 reply, last reply by emmaleethompson1, 2 months ago.   805 views.
started by Fyctional.   
Sleeping / rest not showing in android app
The sleeping / rest feature is not showing in the android app when syncing with Samsung Health. The calories are there if inputted from the website, but no details are shown. Android 6.1 Thanks
1 reply, last reply by vermmaa, 2 months ago.   1,000 views.
started by gonesimera.   
Weighting self after starting dieting
I am curious on when is it the best time to weigh yourself after starting to diet. I am afraid to start doing so for the fear of what the scale may say and fearing not being satisfied with not seeing or ...
3 replies, last reply by dcwalker, 2 months ago.   2,341 views.
started by brrdvyby.   
Weighting self after starting dieting
I don’t weigh myself. I go by how my clothes fit. I have OCD so weighing too often causes me to freak out over every up and down. Good luck on your adventure!
3 replies, last reply by dcwalker, 2 months ago.   2,341 views.
started by brrdvyby.   
Intake Limits
I'm having trouble reaching my calorie intake without going over my sugar, carbs, and sodium intakes. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.
2 replies, last reply by johnhutcheson, 2 months ago.   1,611 views.
started by johnhutcheson.   
I was going to start a challenge Monday but never followed through. I really need a kick in the butt to motivate so I can follow through. Need to lose weight and just maintaining not losing. What are ...
no replies.   869 views.
started by celestecall, 2 months ago.   
Inspirational Food pictures!
I love seeing all the wonderful meals that people post. Some of you post how many calories which is great. I would love to know the recipes and wonder if these could be written alongside, so I can rep ...
no replies.   142 views.
started by Gypsy Tart, 2 months ago.   
My diet diet is working!
I'm new to this kind of diet. Never have tried to discipline myself with food. I like cooking and that has been a challenge for my diet. I started the program a week ago and I already lost 7 lbs. This ...
4 replies, last reply by Gypsy Tart, 2 months ago.   1,646 views.
started by Sweetbimbee.   
I want to buy a smartwatch, anyone using his with fatsecret ?
Hello what's the smartwatch that connect well with fatsecret ? Anyone using one ? Thanks ! I am on android
no replies.   522 views.
started by drsiphna, 2 months ago.   
Whatever takes my fancy!
I am going to follow SW but calorie count instead of eating as much 'free food'as I want (as I find I just pig out on pasta) and some days I will have Slimfast milkshakes + evening meal using ...
no replies.   251 views.
started by Gypsy Tart, 2 months ago.   
It seems it doesn't have a option/settings how to change your username here can you pls improve it or update to have a settings to change my username. Even tho I don't mind people seeing my pr ...
1 reply, last reply by DelaineCerto, 2 months ago.   1,468 views.
started by Krizanel Teves.   
Weight loss
When you are overweight, you not only struggle with a myriad of health conditions but also have to face unsolicited comments and namecalling. So being a self-defensive start your journey.
no replies.   185 views.
started by ajaydhuku, 2 months ago.   
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upping protein
Your dietary cholesterol has almost no impact on your blood cholesterol. I thought it was common knowledge: Go ahead and eat ...
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Wave Your Flag Cake!

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My "meals" do often not even make the plate
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