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Where on the FatSecret do I change/adjust the RDI???
2 replies, last reply by Julia Glazkova, 3 weeks ago.   566 views.
started by BillS1952.   
custom calorie goal
Can you set a custom daily calorie goal? The app set a daily calorie goal for me that is much too high and I want to adjust it.
2 replies, last reply by Julia Glazkova, 3 weeks ago.   900 views.
started by RudyWest.   
Where are the settings to change my weight goal? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks for your help.
no replies.   375 views.
started by gail nowacky, 3 weeks ago.   
Pictures a friend of mine took of food and drinks
url= These are a few pictures that a friend of mine took, on a website she created. There are tabs on the top that will take you to other categ ...
2 replies, last reply by abbadabba, 3 weeks ago.   325 views.
started by estherhunt.   
What Diet?
Hello all! What diet do you use and is it effective? Thank you!
3 replies, last reply by Renate.Palmer31, 3 weeks ago.   5,353 views.
started by ververicka.   
Weight Watchers
I have been "attending" WW virtually & like it almost better than in-person. Last night they discussed mindfulness. They now have a special meeting just for those who are at goal, which I ...
2 replies, last reply by boobie51, 3 weeks ago.   784 views.
started by delgadalahna.   
Hello :) I am new to this site and would like to know if FatSecret lists the amount of caffeine in certain foods and beverages; If so, where can I find this information? Thank you.
no replies.   70 views.
started by Vegas Chocolatier, 3 weeks ago.   
Excessive laziness with overweight body
Being overweight or gaining weight was associated with a higher incidence and persistence of excessive daytime sleepiness. The researchers theorized that metabolic aberrations and chronic, low-grade i ...
5 replies, last reply by DeborahAMerino, 3 weeks ago.   5,629 views.
started by Alex Stephen.   
Meal Photos
How do you post a picture of a meal you want to share on FS?
2 replies, last reply by Moe Menard, 3 weeks ago.   468 views.
started by Moe Menard.   
Lemon Pepper Seared Steak with Stir Fry Veg and Homemade Coleslaw Dinner tonight - tasty, healthy, and yummy.
no replies.   370 views.
started by funnygarm01, 3 weeks ago.   
Import a Recipe from a URL
Is there a way to paste a URL for a recipe and have the web app analyze and automatically add the ingredients for the recipe? I've used FatSecret in the past but just found out that MyFitnessPal has ...
1 reply, last reply by Joshua Levi, 3 weeks ago.   2,352 views.
started by huskerwendy.   
How to beat hunger late night
I struggle with hunger late night. After dinner I feel hungry almost after 3 hrs. Any idea how to not eat at night and not feel hungry
no replies.   244 views.
started by ishasingh, 3 weeks ago.   
where do i set up fitbit in fatsecret once i have already setup fatsecret? thank you
3 replies, last reply by Dino2627, 3 weeks ago.   746 views.
started by msdebb415.   
Changing the goal weight
Does anybody know how to change the goal weight in the profile??????? Thanks!
1 reply, last reply by teachingmommy, 4 weeks ago.   762 views.
started by Bikki.   
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Cheat day
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Wave Your Flag Cake!

by mcdonald149 on 02 Jul 20 09:22 PM
My "meals" do often not even make the plate
by liv001 on 02 Jul 20 05:45 PM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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