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Excercise on a Nordic skiier?
Any of you exercising on a Nordic Track skiier? We just acquired a used one and want to talk to those who have experience and success with this and a new diet. thanks
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started by MJE, 13 years ago.   
Well, here I go!!
I am going to give it the "Ole college try!" :lol: I am starting on the Atkins and I hope to have good results:!:
4 replies, last reply by Psychicmarion, 13 years ago.   3,628 views.
started by ktcsoul.   
Starting Atkins
Starting Atkins today...whoohoo. Hope I can do a number 2 at the end of induction. hehehhe
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started by fattypants.   
started today
I just started today and it has been great. I am very excited.
1 reply, last reply by karen brown, 13 years ago.   2,974 views.
started by Hazelsweetp .   
Don't skip breakfast
Don't be afraid to use points at breakfast. If you have too few, you run the risk of being too hungry later in the day. This hunger leads to 'grab the first thing that goes past my mouth' ...
6 replies, last reply by gonnaloseit, 13 years ago.   4,083 views.
started by sandi.   
The Power of Metabolism
From reading about ultrametabolism (it's a bit of a mouthful), there's so much more than just fast/slow metabolism, there's a whole science around food and genes. If you can control these ...
3 replies, last reply by overw8sharkb8, 13 years ago.   3,851 views.
started by Don.   
low point sweet treats
I am looking for some low point sweet treats. My saviors are fun size lite mars bars at 2 point each which i freeze so it takes longer to eat. Just make sure you have strong teeth!
1 reply, last reply by gonnaloseit, 13 years ago.   4,300 views.
started by lizzie.   
New Dieter
Ive been on the South Beach Diet for 6weeks. I have followed it to the "T". I also learned to drink 96oz of water a day. I have lost 12 pounds so far. I walk everyday too. With all the exper ...
5 replies, last reply by Grace29, 13 years ago.   3,826 views.
started by Pattifelix.   
The dreaded KFC stumble
Worked through lunch so was starving around 3pm and was somehow drawn to KFC with a colleague as not much else was open. Chose well (if that's even possible) in terms of white meat and no fries but ...
2 replies, last reply by Mary2, 13 years ago.   2,098 views.
started by lenny.   
hey newbie here not too sure what to do.....
hI im new and bit stuck already! i used to be on weightwatchers so kind of used to following a plan. would like to know what i can eat and what i cant eat and not just food groups and what kind of exe ...
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started by rachybaby86, 13 years ago.   
help!!!! brenda , and i am in a pickle ,i want to eat ALL the time , i have gained so much weight its not funny, i dont get hungry i just eat ,,any one have any ideas to help me ,,please :(
8 replies, last reply by lcnrainbow, 13 years ago.   4,958 views.
started by sharpy.   
Whole Wheat or no wheat?
Hi fellow SBeacher's, I tried SB a couple of years ago ( or maybe it was just a year ago, I forget how new the plan is...) and when I tried to add whole wheat stuff back into my food plan, I did ...
7 replies, last reply by caz60, 13 years ago.   4,320 views.
started by lcnrainbow.   
Need some motivation to get started with Fat Smash diet!
Any success stories out there to get me going!!??
1 reply, last reply by lauramich68, 13 years ago.   2,256 views.
started by stacie0877.   
Thanksgiving & Holiday planning
Hi everyone, What strategies are you using to make it through the holiday season? My first challenge is Thanksgiving dinner at friends, I'm baking a sugar-free pumpkin pie so I can have a slice ...
5 replies, last reply by Mary O, 13 years ago.   3,803 views.
started by lcnrainbow.   
WANTED: success stories/progress, yoga sites, low-cal dessert recipes
Hey guys! I just got a profile Sunday, but I have been on a low calorie diet now for 2 and a half weeks. I've lost 7.5 pounds today :d and was looking for motivating success stories/progress, and ...
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started by Rosalie, 13 years ago.   
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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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