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New to Keto
Hi Community!! I just started the Keto diet 3 weeks ago. The first week I lost 10 pounds.....2 weeks later I haven't dropped any more. I am eating high fat, low carb. I have no idea what I am doing ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, a week ago.   698 views.
started by raneezy.   
im scared
hi, im new to this. im 64 a widow and in trouble. 2 years ago i was told my kidneys were failing. shortly i ended up on dialysis. since then ive put on 80 pounds, my weight is now at 270. i cant stop ...
2 replies, last reply by myartistry, a week ago.   1,772 views.
started by lilybug2.   
weight of course
How can it be for the past week I have burned almost as many calories as I have eaten yet I am not losing? I hike (like 15 mi weekly/12 hours a week climbing 1500-4000 ft) bike, or do yoga 6 days a week. ...
2 replies, last reply by ZEJ200, a week ago.   546 views.
started by lisamayers-harmon.   
HELP! Journal Dates are off
Since yesterday, I noticed in my Journal that my recorded entry dates are showing a day ahead of what it is supposed to be. In the info of it the correct date is there, but the blue lettered date is w ...
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started by DFinch83, a week ago.   
calorie help
Anyone have any idea how to calculate how many calories are burned chopping wood for 2 hrs in 85 degree weather?
1 reply, last reply by liv001, a week ago.   291 views.
started by trconklin.   
Does the app have a barcode scanner?
Today is the first day i am using the app, all i have entered in was food, and for breakfast i have 3 items to enter, 2 out of the 3 i couldn't find by typing in which is sort of frustrating, Does ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 2 weeks ago.   327 views.
started by CannaKat.   
Weight Loss/Control Aids
Hello all, Sharing this with the understanding that it is NOT a "silver bullet" and a means of justifying overindulging on carbs/starches on a regular basis. But Hammer Nutrition's &qu ...
1 reply, last reply by DianaBanana, 2 weeks ago.   122 views.
started by llthomas1117.   
Hi All
Hi Everyone - the journey continues. Back to counting calories. Only 'diet' that seems to work for me. Big love !!!:)
1 reply, last reply by Lyds Mom, 2 weeks ago.   345 views.
started by chrisk11.   
Hi All
I'm right there with you.
1 reply, last reply by Lyds Mom, 2 weeks ago.   345 views.
started by chrisk11.   
I've lost five pounds in the last week. Just counting calories. Cut my drinking down considerably. Working on eating healthier. Seems if I stay in the 1500-1800 calories a day the weight is coming ...
1 reply, last reply by Lyds Mom, 2 weeks ago.   483 views.
started by Commster101.   
Nutrisystem did me BAD, now what do i do?
:( :( :( :( I began Nutrisystem the beginning of September, followed the plan 100% pure. I never lost ONE pound but gained about 30. My BP went sky high and the water retention I have experienced, and ...
45 replies, last reply by peter jamesmanzano, 2 weeks ago.   31,536 views.
started by kklessig.   
Are Activities automaticly calculated in the daylie CALORIES?
Hi folks, when i do some sport. Does the app automaticly add the used calories to the sum of calories that i am allowed to eat per day?
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started by McBrave, 2 weeks ago.   
Guys can u suggest me the best exercises to increase my height. I'm 16 and 5'5 ftin .My goal is 6ft. Can I achieve it? If yes please suggest me some exercises and a brief diet. Also I've been ...
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started by Flashbad, 2 weeks ago.   
how to delete journal entries
Hello, How to delete journal entries here? Thank you!
1 reply, last reply by teachingmommy, 2 weeks ago.   231 views.
started by NanChan88.   
New to the app
Hey everyone in fat secret land....I’m new to the app...but not to trying to loose weight...hopefully this will keep me accountable and the scale going in the right way....
1 reply, last reply by melissasherwood, 2 weeks ago.   564 views.
started by christina.dawson.   
New to this
Hi all! I am new to this program! I have used many apps and this one seems to be the best so far! I particuly like the lack of ads,the previous app I used seemed to be nothing but ads. Couple of ques ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 3 weeks ago.   348 views.
started by Inari213.   
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what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I would like to be 160-180. I had weight loss surgery in 2017 and was 280lbs I am now 224. I did get down to 215 adding in WW. gained back 7lbs. I have to get my mind back in this. Start walking and e ...
by globug68 on 07 Jul 20 06:52 PM
How do I delete an item from a draft recipe?
How do I delete an item from a draft recipe? The edit function does not seem to allow it
by Denwayz on 07 Jul 20 06:20 PM
An Anti-Aging Diet for Your Skin
Thanks for the post. But I'm really having a few foods for your skin such as Fatty Fish, Avocados, Walnuts, Sunflower seeds, Sweet Potatoes, Bell papers, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Soy, and dark chocolate ...
by robinddy on 07 Jul 20 06:02 AM
How to custom name my diet
I doubt that's a good idea for persons with "impaired metabolism". Something like Summermatter cycle. For me simple 8-hour time-restricted eating - breakfast and early dinner (two meals a ...
by paubut on 07 Jul 20 05:44 AM
Hi.. and what about ketodiet? Did you try it?
by iruri815 on 07 Jul 20 04:43 AM
* New Beginning! So Happy! * :)
Hi everyone, I'm so happy to start again my healthy life that I should never stop. Last year on September, I started going to the gym&diet with a coach, I weight 196lbs then on March 2020 I weight ...
by caroleilo10 on 06 Jul 20 06:37 AM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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