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How do I get fat without protein?
OK, so I am new to Atkins (day 9) and am struggling with the food ratios. I am getting too much protein and not enough fat and I read somewhere that too much protein would turn into sugar and defeat the ...
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started by tmkcjk.   
Day 3
28 August 2019 Today was better than yesterday. I thought I would eat the house down. I only ate the right stuff, just LOTS of it. I really thought about pulling that wagon into the edge of the woods and ...
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started by Cokeybrown, 2 months ago.   
not calculating my net carbs properly
I am having a problem with my food setting not giving me the correct Net carbs. Is there anyone else having the same issue?
12 replies, last reply by every name I choose is taken, 3 months ago.   1,152 views.
started by catheriney.   
Do you intermittent fast??
I have been intermittent fasting now since January 30th 2014 every other day. I've lost 11.8 lbs from fasting. I want to know what your experience is. I have eaten as much as 2600 calories, on down ...
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started by Deborahg38.   
Adding foods to the database?
greetings internet friends, how can I add a new food type on this fatsecret website? Should be simple, but I can't find the link/button.. Trying to add wholeflaxseed brand that's not in the da ...
3 replies, last reply by phillipraimo, 4 months ago.   439 views.
started by GotAvocados.   
Is coke and sprite ZERO okay for Atkins?
Is coke and sprite ZERO okay for Atkins? They both have 0 carbs... Just wonderin, dont want to mess up this diet. It still is soda
18 replies, last reply by ProTeen, 5 months ago.   33,939 views.
started by dbeyene1.   
How do I add a recipe or a saved meal?
Well, I'm a little frustrated now... :? Tried to add a recipe to my cook book and I'm finding it's not so user friendly. Wanted the recipe added for a low carb pizza crust. Then wanted to ...
6 replies, last reply by plowhandle, 6 months ago.   10,401 views.
started by Drammaw.   
Hi All. I am so excited. We just got back last night after 16 days vacation in San Diego and Anaheim and I LOST half a pound. It may not seem like much, but we ate out in restaurants every meal, went ...
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started by ktoughAgirl.   
there is usually a place where you just click or tap join I think.
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started by imTari.   
I am currently following the ketogenic plan,is there a forum for that on here or a diet that exist u
Is there a Keto Diet on this site to follow or any groups that are following this plan? Thank You.
2 replies, last reply by theVeggieCrusador, 8 months ago.   1,811 views.
started by tewey.   
I am currently following the ketogenic plan,is there a forum for that on here or a diet that exist u
Is there a Keto Diet on this site to follow or any groups that are following this plan? Thank You.
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 8 months ago.   1,703 views.
started by tewey.   
I am looking for a quality potassium and magnesium brand?
4 replies, last reply by ieGod, 8 months ago.   3,039 views.
started by tewey.   
Help with Atkins or other diet
Hi.If somebody followed Atkins diet.Please help.Tell me with your experience.How this diet working.Thank you
9 replies, last reply by Dee_T, 9 months ago.   5,400 views.
started by Irena3325.   
Carb count
I started LCHF yesterday and have a question regarding carb counts. I have always had powdered creamer in my coffee and switched to Land of Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream. The nutrition label says, carbs 0 ...
2 replies, last reply by Nedra Plante, 11 months ago.   1,737 views.
started by marylpn.   
weigh in
trying to get to a point where I trust myself to go a whole week with out weighing my self. also trying not to be a weekend eater. lost 4 lbs last week and gained back 1 over the weekend. that is a ...
1 reply, last reply by liv001, 12 months ago.   3,225 views.
started by kerry1112.   
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New goal weight
Hi Elaine, I adjusted my goal weight by going in to your page and adding it to your weigh in profile.
by Orly Girl on 13 Oct 19 05:46 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
i weigh once a week
by salynndra on 13 Oct 19 11:08 AM
Has anyone used SINETROL? I understand it is a natural fat buster that actually works, made from red grapefruit by a company in France, and now Tony Ferguson has a product which uses it in one of their ...
by wheelchair1945 on 13 Oct 19 09:30 AM
2017 was my year of the big change. Back Op that went horrendously wrong, as I contacted superbug and gangrene, with organ failing on life support for 2 weeks, in hospital for 18 weeks. Left hospital ...
by wheelchair1945 on 13 Oct 19 09:18 AM
I want to change my weight from pounds to kilos. I have tried to do this on my phone, laptop and ma
On the laptop using the web version it is doable. Find my Setting and the my preferences and change. I do not have the app
by liv001 on 12 Oct 19 07:32 AM
Excessive laziness with overweight body
Many students have optimal weight. This is due to the fact that they are busy all the time. They are asked to write a term paper, asked a lot of homework, they are looking for writing help, and they s ...
by Nickblack11 on 11 Oct 19 05:33 AM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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