What do I do for more energy?

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Posted: 09 Sep 2012, 14:55
Ok so, I have been getting sufficient amounts of sleep if not more some times but I still have days that I'm REALLY lacking energy, I don't know if it's from my Zoloft or what not but it happens to me almost every other day were I just feel completely drained all day long no matter what & I can't stop yawning.... I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Posted: 09 Sep 2012, 15:18
I can tell you exactly why you are always tired even though you do get enough calories everyday but don't get angry Smile You are eating pizza, cherrios, burritos etc. You are not getting enough healthy foods that will keep you going. I eat less then you: I never go over 1000 calories per day, I exercise every single day for more than an hour (not counting my fast walking) and I have lots of energy, never tired exept off course at bed time. You need meat, veggies, fruit and dairy products not junk food. I was dieting like you before and I always failed. Learned my lesson. It's not that hard to change our bad habits.

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Posted: 09 Sep 2012, 16:00
My suggestion is exercise. The more you exercise, the more energy you will have. It will probably take a few days to notice a difference. I think I notice it most when I exercise first thing in the morning. I'm not a morning person so this was a HUGE struggle for me. But turns out, I want to lose this weight more than anything - including sleep. So, I get up at 5am and workout for 30-40 minutes. I don't get that mid afternoon crash that a lot of people complain about. I still had a good amount of energy when I only worked out in the evening, so if you can at least get it in, it should make a difference. The less active you are, the less energy you will have - just think about days when you oversleep and are dragging all day, or how about days when you are sick in bed all day - no energy.

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Posted: 09 Sep 2012, 20:01
Sorry to hear you're feeling so drained. I know that can make it hard to stay on track with a diet and exercise plan. You might consider asking your doctor to do a blood test and see if that sheds any light. I was feeling really fatigued for a couple of months, finally got a blood test, and found out that I had extremely low vitamin D levels. That may have been the culprit for me, but for you it could be something totally different. I hope you figure it out and get your pep back soon!

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Posted: 10 Sep 2012, 06:47
There are so many things that can cause the lack of energy, not just physical but emotional things too.
Perhaps bringing this issue up with your doctor may help, you can discuss getting a complete physical and review your medication.
Hope everything works out well for you.
Take care and stay strong.. things will eventually get better.

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Posted: 10 Sep 2012, 06:55
I have to agree with Pam-u-la. It might be that your diet is deficient in something (or the meds are blocking it's absorbsion). So taking a multi vitamin/mineral might help, but you will need to confirm any supplements you take don't effect your meds first.

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Posted: 10 Sep 2012, 09:59
Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone! Smile
I did start a new diet a couple days ago & since I've been on here I have lost a couple pounds already but I guess it's just going to take a little bit longer for my body to adjust. I did walk for 2 & half hours this morning so maybe that will help & I'm going to try to do that every morning from now on. Smile

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