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Posted: 17 Jul 2012, 16:06
So Kate Upton is Fat?. At least according to a 5'7" 100 lb former model who runs a pro-skinny (or pro-ana, if you are like me and think the two are pretty similar) website. She blogged some nasty comments about this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model. [Sorry, no link but it's worth a read] If that is someone thick and vulgar and fat who looks like she's lumbering towards a buffet, golly, what must the thinspiration world think of us regular ladies!

Since the blog and the backlash (google it if you're interested) I guess skinnygurl had threats made -- which yes, that's uncool people, don't retaliate that way. She then made some changes to the website. Taking down the "Starving tips for the day".

It's amazing what you can find out on the web. I admit, I've searched out "thinspiration" just out of curiousity. True, being thin doesn't automatically mean you are suffereing from anorexia. But to me what I've seen on thinspiration isn't achievable a 'healthy' way.

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Posted: 17 Jul 2012, 16:16
And where exactly would these "30 lbs" of flab come off of her body from?? Some people make me sick. I'd strive to have a body that fit and lean over a skinny, emaciated model body any day of the week!

Amen, Jess.

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Posted: 17 Jul 2012, 16:24
I think that people who run anonymous gossip blogs like to say outrageous things for the purpose of attracting traffic and notoriety. And their opinions should therefore be given the weight they are due.

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Posted: 17 Jul 2012, 16:47
I just drooled all over my desk. She's a true "model" of a woman who's fit, healthy, and obviously doesnt starve herself or use illicit drugs to look like a tall lanky teenage boy. Give me a juicy midwestern american babe anyday over those scrawny runway skeletors! And one more note... that Carl's Jr commercial? Best. Commercial. Ever. Jess, my frustration level just multiplied haha!
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Posted: 17 Jul 2012, 16:57
I'd rather be fit and healthy than skinny any day. What's wrong with people? I really hope my daughter doesn't follow any of those tips as she gets older or think that blogs like that are what girls are supposed to be like. Ugh! Honestly, I think that most of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models look healthy, they usually don't look emaciated, because guys want to see the beautiful woman who is fit, not bone-y. Thinspiration, more like thinsane.
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Posted: 17 Jul 2012, 17:30
I almost posted about this last night because I was so ticked off! I got sucked into the blog and every single post and comment kept making me more and more worked up. It was like a trainwreck... I couldn't take my eyes away. The disillusions of the women (they are not all young girls, many are grown women) are one thing, but the amount of hate is revolting. Attitudes like that make me even more thankful for the people on this site Smile

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Posted: 17 Jul 2012, 17:43
They work really hard to get and remain emaciated. Because of that, they have a vested interest in convincing themselves (and anyone else that will listen) that hyper-thin is good and righteous, and that everything else is ugly and second-rate.

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Posted: 17 Jul 2012, 20:10
You're right, I've not seen a sports illustrated swimsuit edition, aside from covers that get plastered around when the new one comes out, but I seen to recall those models being more boobalicious and curvy than your high fashion or runway chicks. I just about died too when I read them ripping on VS model Adrianna Lima for being to muscular in the tummy & thighs. wow.

the website if you dare or if you as Nimm said, wanna feed into the bloggers ego and desire for controversy and fame.

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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 00:36
There are lots of different body types that can be sexy. Scarlett Johannsen, Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet come to mind for rockin bods that are not size zero. JLo, Fergie, as i started thinking, i actually came up with more examples of hot curvy women than hot skinny women. I think Anne Hathaway is a great example of a slender girl who doesn't look starved, IMHO, whereas every time I see an Olsen twin I want to send her a cheesecake. Too bad the beauty blueprint is portrayed as one ideal, rather than a spectrum of sizes where the underlying criteria are fitness and strength ... And great skin, teeth and hair don't hurt! Stay strong, Jess!
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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 08:59
I did go to the SG website yesterday and read through an article and some forum posts.. one thing that did stick out in my mind was the double standard that the author brought up.. "I realize I haven’t always been great at knowing where the line is. But again there is a terrible double-standard: “big beautiful women” sites on which people exchange recipes for 4,000-calorie cheesecakes don’t seem to unnerve the social critics the same way we do."

I mean, I absolutely don't condone sites/sentiments that are pro-ana or trying to force girls into a certain body image to the point that they have a sickness, but you have to admit she has a point there..

Heidi, love ya and you're my buddy, but "every time I see an Olsen twin I want to send her a cheesecake" is part of that.. sometimes girls are super skinny naturally, and sometimes they are super skinny as a result of an illness/eating disorder/etc.. but whatever the case, saying things like that is not helpful (Heidi, I'm not blowing your little one-liner out of context, it was just a jumping-off point) - would you ever think to say "I just want to send Kirstie Alley a treadmill."? I know sometimes we just say things in passing or as a joke, but it seems a lot more acceptable to joke about 'feeding these skinny girls' than 'taking the french fries away from a fat girl'....

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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 09:43
Too skinny....too fat...under the surface you might be surprised to find we all have very similar issues....so best not to judge.....but unfortunately we do. And again skinny or fat....some people are just haters....


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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 09:45
I'm with CJ.. I'll take a fit, toned & healthy woman over a skinny boney one any day!

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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 10:41
of course it's easy enough to find plenty of men that will say they'd pick the fit & toned curvy girl over the skinny one...but how many would take a plump/chubby/overweight girl over a slim one? 2/3 of Americans are overweight. I know as a female, I'd take a chubbier guy over a beanpole. But I don't think it works in reverse.

And yes, we shouldn't skinny-bash just as they shouldn't fat-bash. I know some are naturally slender, and it drives me f-ing crazy! my friend with 4 young kids who gets back into her size 4 skinny jeans just weeks after giving birth. yeah.

Regarding Kate - I think one of the comments was that she had no waist definition. I guess in a sense that could be a way to put it - she's not the exaggerated hourglass shape, more straight up and down from the hips. But it doesn't make her fat.

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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 10:51
at first sight it it sounds just like another silly comment, but after reading all the outrage it has managed to stir it might not have been that silly after all Surprised)
up with Upton anyway!

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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 11:30
Absolutely - seems 'harmless' or silly at first, and we, as critically thinking, health-conscious adults, can understand how distorted the comment is from reality... but when you think about how many impressionable people there are out there, especially girls, it's pretty dangerous. Girls start thinking that they aren't good enough because they can't lose enough weight, and others are thinking they aren't good enough because they just can't seem to gain weight.

As much as I like hearing guys say that they want a girl with some curves, I also agree with Jess - I think they would pick slender over chubby when it really comes down to it - some key words that have been used are 'fit and healthy' - and that usually doesn't jive with 'plump muffin tops'... And it also makes me feel bad (kind of) for those skinny/boney girls that just can't seem to gain weight - how would that make you feel to hear that no guys think that you are attractive because your metabolism/body composition is working 'against' you? I know a guy that is about 6'4" and is an absolute bean pole.. I mean like zero body fat, and he's been that way his whole life - I would bet that he would LOVE to bulk up and add some muscle, but his body just doesn't seem to hang onto any weight!

Anyway, I'm rambling now.. back to Kate - I can see where she has less waist definition than other models/celebs that I've seen, but like Jess said, she's not fat. And since we all know you can't control where you lose your weight, even if she did lose 20 pounds, it would probably come from her boobs and butt before it came off of her waist! And then she'd get bashed even more.. Whatever - she seems very confident in herself and I hope she stays confident..

Someone who is busier than you is working out right now.
There will come a day when you can no longer do this. Today is not that day.

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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 11:30
I'd like to respond to Jess's question about men choosing a chubby girl over a slim one.

All other things being equal, you are right, most men would prefer a slim, or at least fit and healthy, woman to an overweight woman.

However, things are not equal, and there are a lot more factors involved with choosing a potential mate than physical beauty. I, for one, overwhelmingly prefer a woman who is fit and beautiful between her ears, and I know that several of my guy friends who are in the same school of thought.

To grossly overgeneralize, I have found that many women who are naturally thin or pretty tend to have a host of personality issues that I would rather not deal with (e.g. I'm pretty and desirable, and you're lucky to be with me). Many women who place a great deal of importance on their weight or looks also tend to have self-esteem issues.

This is not to say that I wouldn't date an Olsen twin look-alike, or a swimsuit model, or even Cathy Bates. But, I probably wouldn't stick around for long if I found their personality irritating.

And there are a multitude of ways for a woman to catch a man's eye, as I'm sure all of you women already know. A flirtatious exchange can be as attractive as washboard abs, to the right guy.
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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 11:37
I admit, I prefer someone along the healthy lines. Not too light, not too heavy. I go for vibe, confidence, and how well she "wears" whetever weight she may be. I fell in love with a girl who would be considered to be on the chubbier side. But she in the end broke my little heart. My point is, when it's real, the outside appearance holds less value then the heart within.
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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 11:38
O ye of little faith! Kirstie Alley, Marie Osmond, Jennifer Hudson. Were they 'really' not attractive and sexy before Nutrisweet and Weight Watchers? Hmmmm. Must be something amiss in my chemistry.
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Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 19:40
Wouldn't it be a grand world if we were able to accept each other's bodies for the beauty they each have, rather than so quickly zero in on the defects?

When my kids were little, I swore off all diet talk. No good foods, bad foods. No moaning about being fat. When it came to food, if they were full, they did not have eat another bite. If they said they were full, but then wanted dessert,...no way, unless they ate a few more veggies! It was important to me that they learned what I struggled with my whole life. Their bodies will tell them what they need. And they seemed to have found that healthy place.
But I remember a time when my oldest was about 7, and a friend was over to play. They were playing dress-up, and her friend started complaining how she couldn't wear certain things because she was too fat. I felt so sad for that little girl in that moment. That tape had already been implanted in her head.
It is healthy to try and eat "right" for our bodies. But obsessions in any direction create the kinds of dysfunction described here. Extreme definitions of what is acceptable and what is not. Beauty described in such limited ways that virtually no one can achieve it. Yet there is so much beauty out there, all around us.
If you see someone who is not your standard beauty, but something clicks for you, see if you can give that person a compliment. You don't have to do it as a come on. Just a nice little compliment. We could all use that from time to time.
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Posted: 19 Jul 2012, 10:23
That girl is 5'7" and 100 lbs...I was 5'8" in high school and weighed 125 lbs and looked like a bean pole!! I could not imagine dropping 20 lbs off of my frame then.
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