Brazilian Butt Lift Calorie Count?

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Posted: 13 Jun 2012, 09:17
How do i count calories burned when doing the brazilian butt lift program? I have been counting each video as 25 minutes of Dance but not sure if that would be acurate. Help!

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Posted: 13 Jun 2012, 09:36
This website lists a calorie burn of 240 calories per 30 minutes. But it doesn't state the weight of the person (which would change the number of calories).

This website from a woman who is 150 pounds lists various calorie expenditures based on her bodybugg measurements for various types of brazilian butt workouts. Roughly 180 for the more cardio type workout in 30 minutes.

I just plugged in 25 minutes into "Dance - fast" and got a total of 155 for my 130lb self so I'd say stick with recording it as dance and that's probably a decent rough estimate.

If you really want to be accurate, it would be best to buy a bodybugg and enter in the calories burned manually using the "Other" option in the exercise list. I use the exercise journal/log more as a general record keeping of the activities I have been doing rather than to record exact calorie burn.

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Posted: 13 Jun 2012, 09:46
Thank you umdterpsgirl! that makes me feel better. i didn't want to cheat myself by under or over recording my exercise.

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