Do you think I am eating enough?

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Posted: 03 Feb 2012, 10:08
So I have been using fat secret on and off again for awhile, but I am wondering if I am eating enough.

I am trying to keep myself between 1500-2000 calories, except for my weekly Free Day.

I weighed in today at 379 lb.

First week of Diet I got the big loss ~10 pounds, but since then it has been super slow, I stayed the same weight for almost 10 days, then I finally dropped 2 pounds this week.

According to FS I should be eating 3800 calories a day for moderate weight loss. That seems way to much!

I started a weight loss 16 week transformation deal with our local gym, so I have been trying to go there when I can. They had a handheld BMI tester (Omron brand) and it showed me having a BMI of 39.8 w/150 lbs of Fat to lose.

I found a link to a blog where the gentleman had you create a new RDI based on your RMR/RDI, but even that came back with 3539. I really have a hard time eating 1500-2000!(except for free days when we go out) I eat ~6 small meals per day. I believe my Diet Calandar is open for everyone. You can tell my "Free" days. Wink

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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 06:13
Try adjusting what you eat rather than the quantity; reducing carbs in favour of protein and fat will probably help. Check the pie chart at the bottom of your diet calendar, and perhaps try getting your carbs from vegetables and some fruit instead of from wheat products such as bread. No doubt someone will mention "Fat Head" and/or "Wheat Belly" to watch/read as well Smile

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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 09:10
I looked at a couple of days from your diet journal and here's some suggestions to swap out what you're currently eating. Get rid of the bread and english muffins. I eat whole grain tortillas that I get from Sam's Club. 100 calories, 3.5g of fat, and 6 net carbs.

I'm not a fan of Clif Bars but I know a lot of people love them. Check out the Snickers Marathon bars. They are larger in size, taste like a candy bar, and have less carbs and more fiber than the Clif Bars do.

I used to travel all the time so I know how hard it is for you to even have an opportunity to eat healthy.

Overall I think you're doing the right things. Keep up the workouts and you'll get your body into a burn burning machine.
Pain is a by-product of a good time.

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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 18:50
first of all great job, if you average out later to 2lb a week, that is a great pace man! BMI and resting metabolic rate can be tricky to find out with accuracy. I had the same experience searching online for it. And I found out that electrical testers are known to be pretty inaccurate for BF% and BMI. Its better to get body fat % tested by skinfold testing, or at the doctors office, and really ask them how many calories you need to eat to maintain or lose weight. Anyway, try to find true lean body mass, and your body fat %. After that you can find great calculators online for calories to eat today using the lean body mass or 'LBM' using the Katch-McArdle Formula. Its known to be very accurate. Then for safe and sustainable weight loss multiply your calorie expenditure including workouts/excercise for every day by about 0.85 to find out how much food you should eat every day for losing fat. That means ~15% calorie deficit. Slow and steady wins the race. here is another calculator link, right hand side has calculations and explanation based on body fat %.

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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 19:35
Play with it a bit- try eating more calories for a week and see where you end up. Agree that what you eat is important so work on getting lots of protein and gradually reducing the processed foods. I find that some bread, etc, in moderation is ok but make sure its 100% whole grain- sprouted breads are great if you can find them. All of us have different tolerances for carbs but when you do eat them, make sure they're complex and all of your meals and snacks should contain, carbs, protein and fat. Sounds like you had a great first week and once you find the right balance for you, I think you'll continue to show good results. Keep it up!
- Natalie

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