How big were you when you met your partner?

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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 04:39
I have been thinking about how relationships change over the years. They change because we change (or grow up). Some of this change is physical. A lot of people put on weight as they settle and get comfortable. I did! Put on nearly 30 lb in 10 years. My husband never said anything but I know he prefers me slimmer. He is very happy now, can't keep his hands off me Wink

I am very lucky to have such a supportive partner but I know some of you are struggling because of lack of support or downright sabotage from their other halves.

My husband thinks I am thinner now than when we met but in fact I am still about 8 lb heavier. Poor memory or looking through rose tinted spectacles! Wink
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 05:11
I was about a stone lighter.... He was about 3 stone lighter. My hubby didn't notice I had put on SO much weight. It is only now, when looking back at pictures, that he notices. He has lost about 3 stone too - and I have to say, I didn't realise how big he was getting.
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 06:16
We were both lighter - I have actually gained 22 kg since then. He probably not as much but I was slimmer than him when we met. He says he doesn't mind, and in fact he is the one tempting me with fast food and treats - I am the one pushing for both of us to lose weight and become fitter.

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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 06:29
I was about 80 lbs lighter I think. My wife was about 50 lbs lighter. She used to b*tch about how I ate back then... I should have listened! lol

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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 07:57
I was about 25lbs lighter...


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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 08:03
I don't remember what I weighed when I met my hubby but we got married 13 months ago and since then, he's put on 33lb and I've put on 50lb. Sad

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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 08:26
I weighed a mere 135, then gained to 197..its unrealistic for me to go
back down to that weight..but I will be happy to be down to 150 for starters..We both were skinny as rails...but after 37 plus years I think we both are doing quite well...Surprised)
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 08:28
Probably around 190-195. Which crept up to 215-220 within the first few years (she's a good cook).

The two of us have lost a combined 120 or 130 lbs, I think. What's been enjoyable about that is that she hasn't been struggling to diet, or making any dramatic changes to her lifestyle - we just eat out less, I prepare some more meals, and she's made a few modest changes to some of her food choices, to mimic some of what I've been doing. And without really trying or suffering, she's dropped about 60 or 70 lbs herself over the last year or so. Probably the biggest change was just swapping out regular soda for diet. 300 to 400 calories per day adds up.

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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 08:47
I was about 100 lbs heavier than I am today. My wife fell in love with a chubby guy. Actually, she is right now coming to terms with fatboy being gone and new-awesome-skinny-boy being there instead. It takes quite some getting used to, I'm sure.
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 08:50
I was a bean pole 20 years ago when I met my husband. I think I weighed about 138 and I'm 5'10". I know that I'll never get back to that weight - don't even want to try. But my husband has always been a chubby chaser and I was the first thin girl he ever dated. He actually hasn't been too happy with how thin I'm getting again and comments on it quite frequently. I tell him to...well it isn't nice.
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 09:04
I was skinny at 107lbs way to light for 5'4" I don't want to be that again LOL....He was slim and is still slim he probably only gained about 20lbs over the 37 years we have been married. He doesn't get how anyone puts on weight how lucky is he......I don't know how either where the heck did it come from.
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 09:15
I was actually 15 lbs heavier than I am now. We met in high school and I was always a little chubby. He was fit as a whistle. I then gained more in college getting up to 200lb. We were reunited when I had gotten back to a normal weight and have had problems fluctuating from in the 140's and 150's. He never saw me when I was at myheaviest, and I've done my best to hide all the pictures! We quit smoking after our wedding, so it's time to lose the final 10-15lbs. As for him, he's gained about 20lbs since high school but still has an average build. I like him this way, but I'm jealous he can eat whatever he wants and not have huge gains like me. Oh well, I have to keep myself in check and know what's best for me! Smile
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 09:32
I was also about 15 pounds heavier at 160 when we met but I gained up to 196 before I started going back down! He always said he didn't notice- which was very sweet- but he did encourage me to be more active- which was also sweet because I was really unhealthy and depressed. I feel so much better now and I'm so thankful to have such an amazingly supportive husband!

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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 09:52
I was probably about 120 lbs. when I met my husband and he was about 150 lbs. Now after 11 years together I'm around 140 and he's around 180, so we've both gained. A few years ago after 2 kids I was around 160, I managed to get back down to about 125, but over the past few years having a desk job I've gone back up. He's finally to a point where he wants to eat healthy and exercise too, so now he's working with me on getting healthier, which is nice. I would love him even if he gained more and I know he feels the same, but we do want each other to be healthy so we can be together as long as possible.
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 10:10
I was 130 when we met, got up to 199.6 due to depression over losing everything and having to leave my homestate. He was actually 30-35 pounds heavier (I like bigger guys). While he doesn't care what I weigh as long as I'm happy, I am very UNhappy over 125-130. I have 33 pounds to get back there. Not a problem...still VERY homesick & always will be.
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 10:19
When my husband and I first met, I was still in highschool, and he was 2 years out. We were both at out thinnist. Neither of us really wants to get that thin again. At our heaviest, I was 90 lbs heavier and he was 60 lbs heavier than when we met (and about 15 years into our marriage). This was a couple of years ago and since then, we have both lost about 20 lbs. Me because of a conscious effort and him because of the changes I've made in our family meals.

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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 10:56
We met 7 years ago in college. I was about 250 lbs and I'm down to about 210 lbs now. Back then he was 180 lbs and is now around 245 lbs. After college he stopped refereeing soccer games so his metabolism slowed down, but he didn't change his eating habits. We are now finally both active and hoping we can lose it together.
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 11:09
I met my husband in Jr High. I was maybe 115 lbs. When we got engaged I was 150, but pregnant with our middle child. I am now 179 which is the heaviest I've ever been. We quit smoking about 2 months ago so we have both put on a few extra pounds also.
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 11:55
Very interesting stories! All of us and most of our partners had quite large fluctuations. We wouldn't be here otherwise I guess. It's good to know that you have stuck together anyway and didn't let the weight come in between you.
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Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 13:10
When I first met my partner 2 years ago I was about 20lb lighter. He's very body conscious and spends 2 hours at the gym every other day and trains for american football 4 times a week. I imagine he'd prefer me thinner, but he's never said anything to me about it.

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