does anybody get the bad jitters when taking diet pills?

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lee shelly

Joined: Oct 11
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Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 08:29
like thin quick? ive never taken them and today i took 2 and now , im shaking really bad....dont like it

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Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 08:56
I'm sure that is to be expected w/ those pills and probably why most are not safe. I would probably stop taking them.

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Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 09:38
You just took a pile of stimulants (including an amphetamine analogue). What you are experiencing is normal - those pills make you twitchy in order to make you want to move and burn calories. If you start getting heart palpitations it may not be a bad idea to visit your local emerg department (especially since you took two).

I would also recommend against taking those pills. For what they do you are better off drinking a cup of unsweetened strong black coffee.
lee shelly

Joined: Oct 11
Posts: 205

Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 09:51
what are heart palpitations?

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Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 10:27
I remember many years ago I drank too much caffeine and someone told me to drink milk. Cant' remember if it worked, but you could give it a try.

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Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 10:49
Yeah I have tried diet pills like that where they make you shaky and jittery. I stopped taking those. I currently am trying SlimQuick fat burner which is designed for women. It doesn't give me that feeling any more, and well I haven't been taking them long enough to tell you if they work or not.

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Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 12:19
You can do this without spending money on diet pills. Just log your food, evaluate where you can make better choices and make small changes you can live with. Diet pills are often dangerous. Why risk it?

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Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 21:33
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take diet pills!! I've had high blood pressure since taking them for a while 10 years ago! They really mess you up.
A diet will get you there. A lifestyle keeps you there.


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Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 23:35
As a standard I would think that pills that make you shake and feel weird are probably bad for you.
Also, you got FatSecret now. Here you will find all the tools and support that is really needed for a serious weight loss journey. Pills are NOT the answer, learning to eat right and understanding your body's needs is the answer. Stay here, read, learn, do. Then you'll get there. You'll be surprised (after a little while) how fast you get used to a new lifestyle and how easy it really is. Who knew? I sure didn't!
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- Kingkeld.
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Posted: 27 Oct 2011, 23:41
I whole heartedly agree with K! No magic potions, no pills, no shakes, no diets work long term. Eat better, move more. Thats really it! I promise its all ive done and Im moving along quite well to my goals! Best of luck-you can do it! Add Keld, and myself to your buddies! We are all on the same path and support is way better then any pill ever could be!
“Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” ~ Woody Allen
lee shelly

Joined: Oct 11
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Posted: 28 Oct 2011, 10:40
KingKeld, u are so amazing!!! thanks for the advice, my husband hates diet pills, so he would be really glad that u said all that..... so, long live the king Smile

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Posted: 29 Oct 2011, 01:34
Everyone here has given you great advice. I have tried all sorts of diet pills in the past and they are no good for you IMO. Some people swear by them but they're mostly caffeine or some other type of stimulant. Personally I do take supplements (omega 3, cayenne, etc.) but I've talked to my doctor about them. Good eating habits and exercise, these are the best things for you hands down.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2011, 15:25
I have never touched a diet pill ever, and I am losing weight.

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