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Posted: 10 Oct 2011, 11:35

Does anyone have a good pecan recipe they don't mind sharing? I have about 30 pecan trees in my yard and need something to do with the little buggers.... I know that they are useful in pie crusts etc but I am looking for a recipe that is just pecans. I know I had some a few years back that were baked or roasted pecans. I think they may have had cinnamon on them but don't think they were sweet. If I remember correctly they reminded me of chex mix. Anyone have any suggestions? I want something that is Atkins friendly or even primal friendly. Thanks

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Posted: 10 Oct 2011, 12:05
Apart from the usual baking stuff, you can make them into pecan butter. Like PB. Just grind them without any additives. Stir the oil in before using it. Delicious! Or put in food processor with equal amount of raisins or dates, add cinnamon or cocoa powder, form into small balls and chill.
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Posted: 10 Oct 2011, 14:10
If you were in Virginia Esim I would take those pecans off your hands in a second. I like em just plain. Had a tree in my yard growing up. You could probably sprinkle some splenda and cinamon/nutmeg on them and bake em. Probably have to use butter to get the spices to stick though...My mom roasts almonds and garnishes her green beans with them. You might try to just roast them and add them to veggies.
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Posted: 10 Oct 2011, 15:05
Baked in butter and salt...yum yum

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Posted: 10 Oct 2011, 16:37
beau - how long do you bake them and at what temp? That sounds very similar to what I had....

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Posted: 10 Oct 2011, 16:42
Ice - i'd give you the trees if I could. I used to think I would love to have lots of pecan trees. I love pecans and they have great shade. But then I got my wish and now I HATE them All I do is pick up the darn things. They are everywhere!!! Last year I just ignored them and let them rot. This year, I am trying to pick them up but - I know I will not succeed. They keep on falling and never seem to stop!! I am trying to think of them as good exerise but...... that is a bit more positive than I can force myself to be hehehehehe..
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Posted: 10 Oct 2011, 20:20
Take some to your local food bank. Call the local high school and get one of the service club kids to come pick them up and take them to the food bank.....Crush some and use as a coating for baking chicken or fish (find of like panko)....and there is always pecan pie.
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Posted: 11 Oct 2011, 14:11
I wonder if you could used ground as a flour like almond flour for baking?
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Posted: 11 Oct 2011, 14:59
You could offer "pick your own" to share! I too had them growing up -- now I have to buy them and they are like $7.00 per pound and higher!
I love them oven roasted and added to homemade granola.
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Posted: 11 Oct 2011, 15:44
So how long do you roast them and at what temperature? I may sound stupid but I really haveno idea how to roast something. I am a decent cook when i want to be but I have to have a recipe Sad I want to roast them and eat them as a snack.

Oh and it is not that i don't like pecans but it is the picking them up that gets to me Smile

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Posted: 11 Oct 2011, 15:53
it is a matter of taste, I let the butter melt in the pan first, then add pecans then toss around in the butter till coated good and add salt to taste. It doesn't take long around 15 -20 minutes..

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Posted: 11 Oct 2011, 19:31
I love to add them to my salads. They are great on baby spinach salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and add crumbled bacon. The old me, used to add them to waffle or pancake batter. Maybe one day I will be able to enjoy them like that again.


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Posted: 11 Oct 2011, 19:42
No doubt you can find someone who is willing to deal with them for you. What I would probably do is this: post something on CraigsList (or whatever would work locally) offering them to anyone who wants to come pick them up, or however they get dealt with. Make them free, but have them give you a percentage (10%? 20%?) of whatever they pick.

I guarantee that you'll get takers.

I just did a web search for "savory pecan recipes" and found lots of interesting-looking stuff.

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Posted: 11 Oct 2011, 19:51
I fond this link for you Supremes
they seem to have great ideas there!!!!
You might also find great ideas on

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Posted: 11 Oct 2011, 22:18

This is for Maple Pecan Scones (low carb). They are very yummy! Linda's blog has a pecan muffin/tart that is very good too.

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Posted: 12 Oct 2011, 10:38
Thanks guys... These are great suggestions. And Hoser - terrific idea!!

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