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Posted: 02 Sep 2011, 01:52
I Zumba'd x 2 today and boy am I feeling it!

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what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I am 5'3" and I am 66 yr old. So not sure what I should weigh. My high was 190 but I am now below 170. I need to take off at least another 10 pounds to help my back pain. It comes off very ...
by ESPPrice on 21 Oct 20 11:13 AM
kcals - Food vs Exercise
Hi there - very new here so if this has been discussed, please point me to the right post. Is there somewhere where if you have created a caloric deficit (ie, excercise kcals exceed food kcals) you can ...
by lisa.blight on 07 Oct 20 09:32 AM
Over 50 and use 24GO?
That owuld be awesome! Yea see you
by BlondVital on 04 Oct 20 08:13 PM
fitness tracker
I personally don't recommend Piracetam as it is known to cause weight gain. is a comparable drug to Modafinil, if a little stronger, but with no side e ...
by aliciabannon on 28 Sep 20 09:37 AM
Fasted workouts?
nice content..thanks
by CarolWCline on 05 Sep 20 06:42 AM

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