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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 09:23
What do you have when you crave something sweet?

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 09:30
Sugar free jello, strawberries, MIM, sugar free chocolate, low carb ice cream.
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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 09:33
I have also heard that we often mistaken sweet cravings with our body really craving salt. Next time you crave sweet, try reaching for some olives or pickles and see if it helps. If not, all those listed above help. I also try EAS carb control shakes or SF gum.
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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 09:36
Sweet fruit.

There are some mini sweet peppers that I love, they are just like eating sugar. I think my wife gets them at Costco.

This morning I had some sweet cherries. Very good for my sweet tooth and a dozen only have 50 calories.

It's all carbs, so fruit may not work for low carb diets. But the calorie counts are low so it works for me.

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 09:38
I find it best to ignore the craving, rather than giving in to it (which just perpetuates the craving).

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 09:44
When it's that TOM, for me, those cravings cannot be ignored. But I usually only have those cravings 2 days a month Wink
The only person capable of stopping you from your goals....is you!
I hate to waste food, but that food doesn't need to go to my waist Smile

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 09:55
I just had a mini-craving for something sweet. Had a vanilla latte instead which doesn't mess up my blood sugar and the craving is gone.

Nowadays I find it easier to reason with myself. I can drink some water first and talk the craving away (in my head obviously not out loud). Often it is just boredom and giving in to the craving doesn't make it go away.
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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 10:10
Little dark chocolate squares lol I'm a chocoholic! I avoid juice like the plague b/c I can go overboard real easy on it. If I can, I try and get my hands on fruit...usually does the trick

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 10:28
a sandwich thin with peanut butter and sugar free syrup and sliced banana... mmmmmmmmmm

Slow and steady wins the race! Not original, but it's the truth.

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 10:32
I was going to say that I eat what ever I am craving but then I noticed you are on atkins which kind of doesn't work for you.. SF Jello may cure your sweet craving, fruits, sometimes salt fixes the sweet cravings (if you want chocolate eat a dill pickle - it works. Or there are a lot of really great low carb desserts out there that could fit into a plan if you search for them.

I do calorie count but honestly I have been eating fairly low-carb treats that I have found recipes for on-line just because they are tastey.

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 10:45
There is a fabulous quick recipe in my Atkins book, 2 tablespoons heavy cream, 1 tablespoon unsweetened baking cocoa, and 1 packet of splenda. You stir quickly until the cream begins to thicken and fluff. You end up with an amazing chocolate mousse. You can also add a little instant coffee if you want a mocha one. You can find more recipes in the induction section of "The new Atkins for a New you" on page 102. Hope this helps, it sure helps me when my sweet tooth acts up.
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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 10:52
Yes, my friend Brenda had told me that page. It is pretty good! I have a HUGE sweet tooth, mostly, CHOCOLATE! I have rededicated to doing it today. And my friend, Brenda, is going to start it on August 1, coming Monday. We need more sweets recipes, and to try to stay motivated! Smile
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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 10:53
Watermelon or whatever fruit I have. Sugar-free pudding or a skinny cow or ww ice cream bar.

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 11:23
It depends if it is my cheat day or not...if it is watch out! On regular days when I crave sweets I might have a sugar free jello, or a chocolate protein shake, of if I'm in a munching mode, I'll get one serving of a dry sweet cereal like frosted flakes or something similar.

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 11:54
LOL, I didn't notice that this was an Atkins thread! Sorry for tempting you with my carb-heavy dessert idea.

Slow and steady wins the race! Not original, but it's the truth.

note: picture is of Alyssa Milano, not myself. Wink

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 12:07
If fruit isn't cutting it, then SF jello or pudding. And lately, my protein powder drink has been a great substitute. It's kind of fruity/tropical without being creamy or shake-like, so it's not heavy - and bonus for the actual protein (I have a tough time getting as much protein as I'd like most days).

I'm not true low-carb, so I left out my more carby ideas. Very Happy

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011, 12:24
You can try chromium this is a vitamin and help you body with the sugar cravings and lower the cholesterol. I take one a day so I don't crave for any sweets.

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Posted: 29 Jul 2011, 11:39
Breyers makes a carb smart ice cream bar that is wonderful. Also, look up the recipe for rootbeer float on Atkins--soooo yummy!! xoxo

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Posted: 29 Jul 2011, 11:44
Nectarines, or just about anything Skinny Cow makes.
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Posted: 29 Jul 2011, 12:33
I drink water and wait 30 minutes. If I'm still craving the sweet thing, then I'll give in. Usually when I crave sweets it's because I'm dehydrated. And I'll usually eat fruit or a larabar.
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