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Posted: 09 Jun 2011, 09:14
I would love to see the option to add meals into our fatsecrect meal calendar. I use fatsecret in my weight gaining process and I have to eat every 3 hours so the traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack layout isn't really optimal for me and I'm sure many others would love to have the ability to add in meals where they need or add in snack categories in between meals.
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Posted: 09 Jun 2011, 10:00
I am also trying to eat more frequently, for me I don't mind the lay out I would actually like to be able to add in at the times that I ate them, that way when I review my breakfast lunch dinner and snack I could see if I was on track for feeding my body, I tend to go long periods with out eating... boo for me but working on it, good luck, oh I for right now try using my phone calendar kind of a pain but...

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