Jell-O Dark Chocolate Decadence Sugar Free Mousse Temptations

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Posted: 21 Apr 2011, 01:00

I just have one question for all atkins followers, in the label, the decadent dark chocolate flavor says it has 10g carbs, of which 6g are of sugar alcohols, and 1g of diet 10 - 6 - 1 = 3g net that right??...I'm asking because even though it's correctly divided on the food section, if I add it to my diary it will count 9g net I'm confused now...can anyone clear this please??

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Posted: 24 Apr 2011, 20:27
fatsecret isn't setup to subtract sugar alcohols, even though Atkins does. I would setup a new food entry, that is private, minus the sugar alcohols, so it will reflect 3 net carbs for your food diary.
I usually enter the sugar alcohols as fiber.

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Posted: 25 Apr 2011, 10:03
The Chocolate Indulgence flavor is lower in carbs. Do you have your food diary set up to display carbs, or net carbs? Make sure you Edit Preferences in your diet calendar to display the net.
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