not sweating while exercising?

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Posted: 29 Mar 2011, 18:57
I was wondering if anyone had gone through something similar. When I do cardio, I DO sweat, but while using weights I don't. I lift practically until my muscles can't anymore, but there seems to be a gap between what I would consider what I should be feeling afterward (winded, sweaty, and tired) and what I do feel after using weights...which is only feeling the muscles I've targeted (recently it has been upper arms and shoulders)tired/sore. Anyone have any ideas?

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Posted: 29 Mar 2011, 19:38

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Posted: 29 Mar 2011, 19:58
If you're lifting properly there is no reason why you should be winded, sweaty or tired... I rarely ever sweat when working out. If you're building your muscles properly it's all about going slow and steady with the weights to build them up. If you're moving fast then you're probably not getting the full benefit of the workout.

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Posted: 29 Mar 2011, 20:14
I rarely sweat while lifting. Not a bad thing at all. I still see gains. I think it has to do with rests in between and not keeping my heart rate maxed like it is during cardio.

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Posted: 31 Mar 2011, 11:23
Everyone's body reacts differently to working out. I personally sweat BUCKETS while performing intense cardio - but tend not to sweat as much when weight lifting. Some people just don't sweat as much as others - it must have something to do with genetics. If you feel like your not maximizing effort, try something more intense and see how your body reacts to that. Try also mixing some cardio inbetween sets - like jump rope or using a Bosu Ball with some jump ups or something. Good luck Smile

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Posted: 31 Mar 2011, 11:37
Your body produces sweat to cool you down. There is no need to cool you down during lifting because you're not moving fast. There is no excesive motion or friction to produce the heat.
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