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Posted: 12 Feb 2011, 05:16
wow, not only do i have all these physical ailments and helping to take care of an elderly mom..now my so called "boyfriend" and i are coming to a head...things havnt been good for a long time as we never did have much in common, i sometimes wish i woulda never let things go as far as they have, but the guy before him was so abusive adn he is the opposite and i needed that and the healing time as well..since then ive had a car accident, a broken wrist, broken foot ane three surgeries, one just yesterday..and i swear..the physical shit is bad unuff, but then to have the emotional shit going on too...wow...i just dont need this crap at all...>.< i feel like im ready to bust!! completely!! i need to start making some serious decisions in my life and the sooner the better, i dont wanna have to settle for a life of unhappiness and sadness...ive been thru enuff BS...thnaks for listening...

and for those of you that have sent well wishes for my kidney op yesterday..thanks a million...i am at home, didnt wanna stay in the hospital as its only 3 minutes down the road, so they did allow me to come home, along with many meds both pain and preventatives...so thanks for keeping in ur prayers..

i apprecviate it much...and again thanks for listening..

and if ya know a nice MAN with a good head on his shoulders, affectionate, smart and could use a nice woman, smart and intellegent as well..a little wounded atm..lemme know..lol jk

just tired of having silly boys running around that help me to get nowhere...or bring me down..o.0

licking my wounds for now

happy thoughts to you all

darlene Confused

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Posted: 12 Feb 2011, 06:07
Oh Darlene! You've been through alot sweetie. Life is too short and you deserve to be happy. I am praying for your recovery. Love and Hugs{{{}}}
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-Thomas Jefferson

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Cindy T.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2011, 07:07
Bless your heart. Get well soon. Bren
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Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 20:34
Oh Dar, sorry to hear about the relationship stuff. But good to know the surgery went as planned & you are recovering. It sounds to me like you know this relationship wasn't/isn't good for you, so now that you've made a decision to lose weight, maybe it's time to make a clean break there too. Take this opportunity to focus on you & just you, to heal both your body & your soul.

It sounds like you know that something needs to happen, so best wishes to you as you work through making that decision. Try not to stress too much about it. I've found that when I'm having trouble making a decision about something big, if I don't rush myself there comes a point when it becomes clear what needs to happen & the decision is obvious.
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