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Posted: 19 Jan 2011, 07:32
I am wondering if anyone has any special ideas for the upcoming football games, I live near Chicago but I am not a bears fan I am a steelers fan and football is a way of life this time of year and I usually do a day of it with food and family. I dont want to over do it with the usual fattening football snacks, anyone have any great ideas. (they will have to carry over when nascar starts up next month

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Posted: 19 Jan 2011, 08:08
You can search the "Recipes" section of this site for common tailgate foods. You can also find them in other places online (search for Healthy Tailgate food or the like). Many times, people have come up with common tailgate apps made with healthier ingredients (i.e. skinless wings, chicken nachos with vegetable salsa and less/low fat cheese, bacon wrapped shrimp, etc). I find it enjoyable to prepare healthier facsimiles of these typically-prepared items myself. Be careful, some recipes are time consuming and the point is to enjoy the game, not spend the first quarter in the kitchen. Also, some meats are leaner than beef. We had bison burgers this passed fall during the season and I make it a point to get wheat buns instead of white flour or potato.

The other thing you could do is chalk it up to a calorie spike day and have the processed foods, but I personally limit spike days to once per week.
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