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Posted: 14 Jan 2011, 13:02
Can anyone tell me if having your period affects your monthly gain/loss?? Just starting a week ago and really don't want to be discouraged when I weigh in tomorrow!!! I do feel bloated and crampy...just wondering from those of you who have been doing this for awhile if you see a difference.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekendSmile

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Posted: 14 Jan 2011, 13:07
Yes I think it is common to gain some wait from water retention and bloating. you can try and cut back on your sodium to help or you can just wait it out. Don't let it get you down. you will bounce back as long as you don't give into cravings. big smile. feel better!
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Posted: 14 Jan 2011, 13:18
Absolutely...I have consitently been 2lb heavier every time I get my period. The frustrating part is that I know it is coming just from the pure sweet craving...grrr

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Posted: 14 Jan 2011, 13:22
Yes, generally heavier for 1 week out of the month. It's totally normal and just water weight and it will go back down.
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Posted: 14 Jan 2011, 19:36
I agree. I usually add a pound or two a week before, and I'm unable to lose for that week. I get similar effects around ovulation, too, but it lasts only 2-3 days.

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Posted: 14 Jan 2011, 19:48
I agree I normally gain about 2-5 lbs for that week. But after it just goes away. I have never actually lost anything around that time either.

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