What's on your Most Eaten Foods List?

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Posted: 15 Dec 2010, 21:29
What foods do you eat most frequently? Don't guess, go to the food diary and check! Then post your top ten most eaten foods.

To do this:
Go to food diary
Choose to "add item" to any meal
Above the search field, choose the option for "add multiple items"
Choose "all meals" and "most eaten" (on the right)
That's a list of the foods you have entered into your food diary most often.

I like that my number one item is cream Smile. It would have been coffee but I didn't start entering coffee until recently. Just never bothered because it has so few calories alone.

Cream (Half & Half)

Cultured Lowfat Cottage Cheese

Coffee (Brewed From Grounds)

Whole Milk


Cheddar Cheese

Sproutofu extra firm


Almond Butter

Grape Tomatoes
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Posted: 15 Dec 2010, 21:48
Maranatha no-stir. They have it at this health foods kind of store here, Sprouts. I bet whole foods has it. It's freaking delicious. My boyfriend now calls it the King butter and the peanut butter is the Pauper butter Smile
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Posted: 15 Dec 2010, 21:49
These are the things I obviously eat most days. The other foods I eat are mix and match.

1. Smart Balance Omega Light Buttery Spread with Olive Oil
2. Truvia
3. Fat Free Skim Milk
4. Coffee
5. Scrambled Egg
6. Quaker Old Fashioned Oats
7. Diet Cranberry Juice
8. Johanne's Two Bean Chili
9. Bittersweet Baking Chocolate
10. Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips (to go with the chili)
11. Uncle Ben's Natural Whole Grain Brown Rice

The thing I found interesting, and I wouldn't have guessed it, is my most eaten vegetable is Brussels Sprouts. Go figure. I seldom, if ever, ate them before March of this year.
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Posted: 15 Dec 2010, 21:49
Cos Romaine Lettuce
Olive oil
Sweet n Spicy Mustard
Feta Cheese

I hope you didn't want them in order lol. That's from memory because I entered this on cell phone so can't go back and look as I post Smile
I actually eat all of this everyday as a salad for lunch. Some stuff is missing since you said top 10 otherwise there's a few more items thrown into a big bowl which got bigger when I added spinach lol

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Posted: 15 Dec 2010, 22:42
whey protein
almond milk
avocado (w/ lemon juice, sea salt, pepper)
string cheese
mousse temptations (Chocolate Indulgence flavor!)
baby spinach
wishbone italian dressing
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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 00:20
- granola
- goat's milk yogurt
- raisins
- Starbucks' Greek yogurt & honey parfait
- pears
- peppermint candies (I eat about three pretty much every day--it's the trade-off for not eating a bag of Hot Tamales after lunch or snacking on whatever other sweets people bring to work)
- strawberries (wait until spring, strawberries will top the list, and in summer you'd see cherries make an appearance on the list as well)
- carrots
- apples
- cinnamon graham crackers (I have one pre-workout--it's the most food my stomach can handle first thing in the morning)

Funny, that's pretty much the extent of my regular breakfast and snack foods (cottage cheese should start to make an appearance soon). My dinner foods vary so much from day to day that they would never make it on there. And I don't log Diet Coke, but that would definitely make the list as well, at an average of two a day.

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 06:01
1-Egg Beaters
2-Laughing Cow Cheese
3-Baby Carrots
4-Tofu Shirataki Noodles
6-Chicken Breast
7-Fiber One Original Cereal
8-Bananas (strange - I didn't think I ate bananas that often. Time to swap them out more often for the blueberries/strawberries/backberries that were down around 15-20 on my list
9-Mushrooms (strange! I also didn't think I ate them that often)
10-Cherry tomatoes
I was a little sad that I felt I had some "fake" foods so high on my list (egg beaters every day; tofu noodles most lunch days), but 11-15 was 4 veggies and sliced turkey breast, so that made me feel better.

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 06:27
Wow - it is interesting to see what we eat the most and don't realize. Mine aren't too interesting - but here goes:

Green Tea
Light Soymilk
Salt Free Rice Cakes
Sweet Red Peppers
Deli Turkey or Chicken Breast Meat
Crystal Light on the Go Sugar Free packets
Wasabi Root
Red Tomatoes
Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter
Miso Soup
Mixed Salad Greens

It's kind of suprising when you look at them. Boy am I boring!!

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 06:59
Here's mine...
As a side note, I need to invest in Kellogg's stock

Special K Italian Tomato & Herb Crackers
1% Milk
Oikos Organic 0% Fat Greek Yogurt (Chocolate)
Kellogg's Special K Fruit & Yogurt Cereal
Natural Creamy Peanut Butter
Kellogg's Fiber Plus Antioxidants Cereal - Berry Yogurt Crunch
Designer Whey - Whey Protein (Chocolate)
Quaker Mini Delights Chocolatey Drizzle
Mixed Spring Salad
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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 07:41
Hmmmm... I take it It is not a great think when Alcohol is in this list?!?

Coffee (Brewed From Grounds)
Sugar Free Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Budweiser Select 55 Premium Light Beer
Sandwich Wheat Bread
Light String Cheese
Red Hot Sauce
Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables
Scrambled Egg (Whole, Cooked)

This list actually suprises me a bit, but I guess if it tracks what we have eaten since our Diary it would be fair... I thought I ate a lot more chicken and tilapia... hmmm... Interesting!

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 08:21
Cottage cheese, plain oatmeal, yogurt, and berries

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 08:24
I love this idea. It's great to re-evaluate what you've been eating. I think I should do this once a month. Anyway, here's my list

Tea (Brewed)
Red Onions
100% Whey Protein Powder Gold Standard - Double Rich Chocolate
Cheddar Cheese
Baby Spinach
Large Grade A Eggs (Hard Boiled)
French Dressing
Bell Pepper
Fish Oil - One Per Day
Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt (Chobani)

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 08:24
Dry Roasted Almonds (Without Salt Added)

Cucumber (Peeled)

Original Dressing (Hidden Valley)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast



Granny Smith Apples

White Rice (Medium-Grain, Cooked)

Romaine Lettuce

Light Wheat Bread
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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 09:32
Mini Moos Half & Half Creamers
Portabella Mushrooms
Sugar Free Fat Free Instant Cheesecake Pudding Mix
Fage 0% Nonfat Greek Strained Yogurt
Sweet Red Peppers
Fat Free Sour Cream
Smart Squeeze Nonfat Margarine Spread
Skim or Nonfat Milk
Finely Shredded 2% Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese
Grilled artichoke hearts

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 09:57
Just keep in mind, this list is the items you've entered most frequently. So if sometimes you enter baked chicken and sometimes you enter grill chicken, those don't add together. Also, it's for the entire time you've been on FS. So is I look at my most eaten lunch foods, for example, turkey is still on the list from the first year I was on here when I ate turkey sandwiches for lunch every day. But I've been vegetarian for a year.

It seems like most of us get into a routine where we eat the same breakfast over and over, self included, and that's why these lists are so breakfast heavy.
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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 09:58
Yeah, mine had my lunch salad that I used to eat every single day and haven't eaten that way for months. I guess my list hasn't noticed that I haven't been eating as healthy recently

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 09:58
olive oil
lettuce salad with assorted vegetables
string cheese
feta cheese
red table wine
cheese sampler slices

mine is a little heavy on the cheese! Also, I must have eaten a lot of apples this year, since i definitely haven't had any in the past few weeks when I've been doing low carb, and they are still in the top 10!

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 10:08
black tea
1% milk
half and half
Silhouette 0% Yogurt
Granny smith apples
Kirkland green tea
Did this and am now wondering do I actually eat or just drink even the fruit on the list is from juicing

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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 10:13
Mine is definitely breakfast heavy because I rarely change up what I have for breakfast.

Skim Milk Supreme
White Rice
Soft and Smooth 100% Honey Wheat Bread
All-Bran Complete Wheat Flakes
Rice Cakes-Caramel Corn
Fat Free Skim Milk (a different brand apparently)
Special K Protein Plus Cereal
Special K Cinnamon Pecan Cereal
Rice Krispies Cereal (can't remember the last time I had these!)
Vitamin D Milk
Rice Cakes-White Cheddar
Peach Preserves
Rice Cakes-Chocolate Crunch
Honey Oats & Flakes w/Almonds
Natural Whey Protein-Chocolate
Great Value Mini Pretzels

This is not totally accurate for the simple reason that I sometimes don't record everything I eat in a day and I have a habit of skipping days, sometimes weeks without recording...eh.Confused
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Posted: 16 Dec 2010, 10:15
Granny Smith Apple
Flax seeds
Easy cold morning oats
14 Grain Cereal Bread
Garlic and greens soup
100% Natural Smooth Peanut Butter

Vegan, P90X grad and happy Smile
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