Wii Games that get you moving - Post them here!

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Posted: 27 Sep 2010, 12:52
I've found i enjoy alot of Wii games, and i like the fact that most of them really make me go go go.

I'm not a fan of the Wii fit but i Love EA Active and also Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End.

With the EA Active i really like kick boxing with the Wii Balance board, and also the inline skating WITH OUT the Wii Balance Board.

I didn't think the Pirates one would have me going crazy as much as it did. But it really makes you jiggle the Wii-Mote and go nuts sword fighting the bad guys. I would work up a sweat more times than not playing it. If you stand up doing it (i did) i tended to move all about my living room fighting the guys, LOL. And also it wasn't to hard where i would get frustrated and not want to keep playing. Some parts were more difficult and i had to work at it, but i never got to the point of wanting to give up.

What are some of your favorite Wii games?

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Posted: 27 Sep 2010, 13:22
Dance on Broadway has caught my attention lately. It's not a fantastic game, but I'm a huge musical theater fanatic. I was also a dancer growing up, so this one is right up my alley.

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Posted: 27 Sep 2010, 13:32
I love the Wii ! Dance Dance Revolution definitely gets you moving !
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Posted: 27 Sep 2010, 14:07
DDR is fantastic... I also enjoy the basic Wii sports that should have come with your Wii console. I like to do the training session for the tennis its alot of fun and gets you moving.

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Posted: 27 Sep 2010, 14:42
I second EA Active, and will get the new one for Christmas. I also really love Walk-It-Out and just started to use Gold Gym Dance Workout.
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Posted: 27 Sep 2010, 15:11
Do you have to buy a mat for the DDR? or does it use the Wii Fit? Smile

Also, did you know EA Active came out with a second game? EA Active 2. I don't have it but i asked for it for Christmas. I finally moved onto using the EA Active on "Hard" and then that got a little to easy, so i bought some wrist weights. I love them b/c that allowed me to still grip both the Wii-Mote and Nunchuck and the resistance band, but they put me to work more!

These are the wrist weights I got; http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002DHMA9W/ref=oss_product

I will take a look at all the games you have mentioned! Keep posting your favs!

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Posted: 28 Sep 2010, 10:13
No it doesn't use Wii fit. When I bought DDR it came with the mat, but I've also seen just the game and just the mat. There are also aftermarket mats you can buy but I find that they slide around on the floor more then the regular mats.

It's all about willpower !

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Posted: 22 Oct 2010, 14:50
"Walk-it-Out" is GREAT and can be done by more than 1 player! I am trying to find the band which attaches the remote to your leg. I add weights to my wrist and ankles too. Did 6,000 steps my very first time. There is a huge community on Amazon and FaceBook. Also bought "Just Dance". It has an incredible amount of positive reviews on Amazon. Need to get it out of the box and play. Love the Wii Sports Resort.

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Posted: 09 Mar 2011, 08:44
The new DDR for the Wii has a balance board option. I found it a bit annoying...but I'm used to playing with the mat. But if you don't have a mat, it is an option. Though, if you are buying DDR, it usually comes with one mat. (By the way, you can get additional mats through the Konami website, but they don't ship to Canada!)

I'm also a big fan of We Cheer and We Cheer 2. Like Just Dance, you just need a Wii-Mote. Super fun, and the music's not too bad either!
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Posted: 09 Mar 2011, 09:16
Wii Active. I use this 30 min a day and get a great sweat going. You can choose from either pre set workouts, or customize your own. This also includes a fitness journal, goal setting, and a 30 day challenge. You can use it with or with out the Wii balance board and can be done with multiple players as well.

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Posted: 18 Mar 2011, 15:28
just dance is a fun way to get up and moving so i love that want to get the 2nd version now and Zumba is now on WII so cant wait to check that out when is releases in the UK in April (i think they're a bit behind here lol)

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Posted: 18 Mar 2011, 17:55
I love the Wii Just Dance game and Michael Jackson experience. Love it!! I do it from time to time to get a break from the normal stuff at the gym.

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Posted: 18 Mar 2011, 17:57
oooh... golds gym has a dance one now?

i rather liked my ea active. i did not like the biggest loser "games" (either of them) as far as game play went, because the controls rarely register correctly... but its a killer (and i mean killer) workout. i liked to put on wii fit plus and do the free runs or the cycling, but then i got a treadmill and haven't had time. and i love my gold's gym. i try to do it every other day or so. something about punching, even if it's an imaginary target! =). i play wii sports with my daughter. i don't really have any game games for the wii. i bought it specifically as an exercise aide when i was first starting out, and i will say... the ea active (and the more active) were my first 2 workout schedules, and very successful in pushing me past what i thought were my limits. (and i lost a decent amount of weight with just them, the wii fit, and my daily "wiikouts" =). )

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Posted: 18 Mar 2011, 20:12
I love the Wii fit plus, but I honestly like just working out better than having fun while working out. lol. I have no idea.

when there are a couple of us, we play wii sports. I love it.

I haven't played ea active in a while, I think I'll start it up tonight and give a revue tomorrow. lol.

On the Wii fit plus, I play the Super Hula Hoop more than anything. It's about the same as walking, apparently. lol.

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Posted: 19 May 2011, 23:12
I do Just Dance 2 and Golds Gym Cardio...the boxing!!!!!!!!!!! Fun fun fun
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Posted: 20 May 2011, 00:19
Walk it out is great! :]
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Posted: 31 May 2011, 00:17
I'm thinking about getting some more Wii games but I really love Wii Fit and Wii sports. The tennis and boxing games tend to get me moving the most and I also have the most fun.
I'd really like to get a DDR Wii game so I can do really bad at it where no one else can see lol.
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Posted: 20 Sep 2011, 14:52
I just got exerbeat and I liked it. I am also looking at walk it out and biggest loser.
WII fit is okay for just a short game. We like to play Wii sports resorts, especially bowling.
Sometimes I do get fit with Mel b or myfitness coach club or just dance just for changing things up.
Michael Jackson didn't do it for me.

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Posted: 03 Jan 2012, 21:25
Love all the just dance wii games. I need zumba!

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Posted: 04 Jan 2012, 04:37
I love Wii Sports Plus and EA Active Trainer 2. Both are fantastic workouts for me and I love trying to beat my top scores each time. For someone like me who normally does very little to no exercise, they have been fantastic at getting me to up my activity levels to 30 mins - 1 hour per day. Now I just have to maintain that level! My long term goal is to reach a weight where I feel more comfortable exercising in front of people and then look to join a gym or start running outdoors again. But in the meantime I am loving the Wii! Smile
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