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Posted: 29 Jul 2010, 18:55
It has been a while since I was on here and I decided to start journaling my food again. It do WW points and I put in the I had 3 ears of corn with butter. It said 23 points. I put down that I had a sandwich thin. It was 5 points. I know for a fact that those are 1 point. I'm not sure if any others are having issues. Just wondered if anyone else noticed anything like that.
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Posted: 29 Jul 2010, 19:07
if you put your application to date it wont even calculate points anymore.Fatsecret quit using that feature a few months ago. Copyright reasons i gess.

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Posted: 30 Jul 2010, 06:04
Thanks, that's too bad. I loved that feature after I started using it.
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Posted: 08 Aug 2010, 09:47
darn it!! I remember always seeing WW pts and now that I've started using weight watchers I thought that would make it easy to keep track of my points. I love fatsecret but I may have to use the WW app.:/

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Posted: 08 Aug 2010, 10:55
Unforunately people complained that WW points weren't calculate properly so FS took DOWN the WW points calculator one day a couple of months ago. I was really disappointed, too, but I have a WW points calculator that I bought a couple of year ago(used to be a member, going back after we come back from vacation) and I use it with the numbers that are in here and just track them on my computer. It's a pain, but it's cheaper than paying for the WW site right now(I'm out of work).

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