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Posted: 26 Jul 2010, 17:22
Hi there.

I'd like to add some dishes from Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant, but the only nutrition info I can find lists only these items for each dish:

Saturated Fat

Obviously, that is missing a number of the required fields for being able to add a new food to the database.

Can anyone suggest how I can get those calories, and other stats into my food diary?

As a last resort, is there anyway to just add calories so that at least the calorie total for the day will be accurate?

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Posted: 26 Jul 2010, 18:07
I'm going to be a nerd and say "you've checked online for the info right"? Just sayin', sometimes the websites have more info then the menues. Now assuming that you have looked diligently and the restaurant is just being obtuse, you can always just kinda ball park it, since you have the total calories for the dish you can divide the total calories by 3 then use this handy-dandy table;

Protein 4 calories/g
Fat 9 calories/g
Carbohydrate 4 calories/g

So, say it's a 300 calorie meal, that's 100 calories in each section which works out to about 25g each of Protein and Carbs (100/4=25) and just over 11g of Fat (100/9=11).
Now keep in mind this is just an estimate so if you're keeping track of your PCF percentages then this may throw them off, but at least you'll have values for the required fields.
Hope this helps, if not, feel free to message me and rant about how I just wasted your time Smile

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Posted: 26 Jul 2010, 18:27
Create a custom food with 1000 calories and one serving. Whenever you eat something you know the calorie count for, but don't want to use an existing food item, use the 1000 calorie item but adjust the portion size.

For example if it is 420 calories use .420 of the portion. 2000 calories use 2 as the portion.


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Posted: 26 Jul 2010, 19:38
I try to get the calories, fat, carbs & protein. I put zero for the numbers I don't have. If I do this, I don't share so that it's not misleading others. For me, those 4 things are all I need at the moment.

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Posted: 26 Jul 2010, 19:57
Lots of great suggestions. Thanks everyone!

Hopefully the admins will allow non-complete input for the "required fields" at some point in the future. At least for non-shared foods, it just doesn't make sense to force users to make stuff up.

But I guess that's what I'll do until there is a change. Wink

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