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Posted: 14 Jul 2010, 20:23
I have come to realise that my lifestyle is not really helping me lose weight like I want to. I feel a bit down about it, to be honest, even though it is all totally my own fault! So, to make myself feel better, I thought I'd list all the changes I have made (and stuck to) so far, and then maybe you guys can list your changes, or suggest some for me?

1. I don't drink the instant coffee at work any more, I drink green tea, and once or twice a week treat my self to a 'real' coffee with only one sugar (... I was drinking 2 x coffees per day with 2 x sugars in each).
2. I've replaced white bread with wholemeal bread.
3. I eat breakfast every day.
4. I record all my food even though sometimes I feel really bad about what I've eaten, and don't want to list it.
5. I've started yoga once a week.
6. I have cut out beer (although have had 2 slip ups) because it is so high in calories.
7. I've cut out energy drinks.

I think these are the first steps to a healthy lifestyle. Now I just have to figure out the rest.

What changes have you made?

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Posted: 14 Jul 2010, 20:44
Nice job! Yuck, instant coffee! If you like tea, check out Honest Tea which you can find in your refrigerated Natural Food section of your local mega mart. Yummy flavors , all organic, and just a touch of organic sugar for a hint of sweetness. I'm going to get more next time I grocery shop!

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Posted: 14 Jul 2010, 20:55
I think those sound spectacular! You should be really proud of yourself.

For me, many of the steps were giving things up. I had a lot of things I habitually ingested that were really detrimental to my health and fitness goals. Not just foods, but I slowly reduced drinking to almost never (now I'm adding an evening glass of wine back in) quit smoking cigarettes. A big one was bringing my lunch to work 4 days a week instead of going out every day. Another was more cooking, less take out.

You are doing great. Just keep going forward and you will eventually be where you want to be. And it will most definitely get easier.
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Posted: 14 Jul 2010, 21:07
I agree with Matt.

1. Plan a day ahead and you wont believe the amount of good food you can have. When I eat what I have planned, I don't even think about the junk.

2. I drink lots of water. I have two big mugs of black coffee daily and sometimes I have a glass of nice strong iced tea in the afternoon.

3. I have increased the amount of vegetables I eat. I have them for lunch, dinner and snacks. Sometimes breakfast. My husband is not much of a vegetable eater so I let myself slip into his way of eating and believe me, that did NOT WORK. I love my vegies, a huge variety.

4. I eat 3 meals and try to fit in 2 snacks but that does not always happen. For my snacks I often have some berries and Greek yogurt. Love it!

5. The only thing i have cut out almost completely is sugar, baked goods and candy. Even that I don't worry about on occasions like Pinochle night (a monthly potluck), birthdays or when family visits.

6. I try to get as much fiber in my diet as I can whole grains, fruit and vegies.

7. I really eat everything I want, as far as foods go. I just am careful to be moderate in the calorie dense foods and added fats.
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Posted: 14 Jul 2010, 21:46
Planning things ahead of time is really hard for me.

Example: Last night I planned to make Chicken Pad Thai. I wrote the recipe in here and shuffled around the ingredients until it was at a reasonable calorie level per serve. I planned to have it for lunch today too. I bought all the ingredients when I went grocery shopping. I got home and was hungry, and so I had some hummus and rice crackers. Then I started to make dinner.

At 6.35pm hubby rings me, I'd just finished chopping up the chicken, and says we've been invited around to a friends for a drink and did I want to go, I said okay. He came home from work 15 minutes later and we went to our friends. We didn't have dinner at home, I had to put the chicken in the fridge and I'll make Pad Thai tonight.

At our friends I drank wine. We all got hungry. I tried to think of a healthy takeaway and failed. The boys ordered pizza. I was a bit tipsy, and quite hungry and ate too much pizza. Then I though 'eff it' and drank all of my bottle of wine. Then this morning I felt hungover and guilty.

.... what would you have done?
- Stayed home alone (hubby really wanted to go around for a drink)?
- Gone but not drank wine or eaten pizza?
- Drank only a little and eaten only a little?
- Gone and promised yourself you'd be good and failed?

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Posted: 14 Jul 2010, 22:33
My lifestyle change was not drastic. It consisted of two things:
1. Eat Less. The food I was eating was basically healthy. I just ate too much. When I started counting calories, I saw how many calories I had been consuming. I thought, "Well, no wonder I'm fat!" When people who've seen my weight loss, ask what diet I'm on. I tell them it's the don't-eat-so-damn-much diet. I reduced my portions to a more reasonable size, and I was not hungry, but satisfied. Also, my stomach didn't get upset so much (imagine that!).

2. Get more exercise. I was walking daily, but not at the intensity of a cardio workout. I just stepped up the pace a little bit, pushed myself a little more.

These lifestyle changes were not drastic, but these little things added up (to about 1.5 lb/week weight loss). These are changes I can live with long-term. In fact, I'm hoping to make them permanent lifestyle changes. When I get to my final goal weight. I will still apply these lifestyle changes, except my intake will be raised to a maintenance level.

Being overweight is a serious danger to my health, and I don't want to be there again.

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Posted: 14 Jul 2010, 22:41
Good for you!!!! I"m in a similar boat. I just love food and I eat a lot of healthful foods. I lost 10 lbs before finding this site and hope to lose 50 more. Keep up the great work. Being healthy rocks. I am trying to avoid type 2 diabetes myself so your comment about being overweight being a serious danger to your health really hit home with me. Here's to good health!
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Posted: 14 Jul 2010, 22:51
Lifestyle changes for me.... well, I didn't realize how much of a carb/sugar freak I was. I was eating spaghetti or mac n cheese 3 or 4 times a week! My late night snack.... I'd make potatoes. If I had ice cream in the freezer.... gone, in one serving. A thing of oreo's... 2 days maybe 3 days. What kind of eating habits was that?

Things that help me.... well, I'm unemployed... so every morning I enter what I want to eat for the entire day. Then.... as the day goes on... I know what's on the list to have. But I sit home all day so this is no big deal for me.

I've started exercising. This is huge for me. When I hit my year mark of being unemployed I couldn't believe I wasted an entire year on the couch! So now I go for walks. I try to go for an 60-90 minutes. Depending on the weather. This week I've also added my elliptical machine (which I haven't used in years) and my Wii.

As to your dilema last night.... well, I would have told the hubby to give you time to finish making the meal.... as this is your lunch for the next day. I would have cooked it up and then put it all in the fridge. So at least I was ready for lunch the next day.

As to hanging out with your friends. Eh, you have to enjoy life if you can. I would have gone. Maybe in between each glass of wine you could have had a glass of water? And the pizza... well, I'm a huge fan of pizza. So I probably would have pigged out. lol

Being unemployed and having no money.... I'm not around the bad stuff anymore. I spend most days home alone, so if I had a chance to meet up with friends.... I would have gone too. Smile

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Posted: 14 Jul 2010, 22:55
I'm thinking that if you woke up the next day feeling hungover and guilty then you should reexamine your goals and level of expectation for yourself. If you like to wake up hungover then continue drinking. If you want to feel guilty then keep with the attitude of "Then I though 'eff it' and drank all of my bottle of wine.". This type of attitude is very self defeating. If you really want to make this a lifestyle change then you have to get right in your mind then your actions will come. It is a hard thing to do but if you are not there mentally then you will continue to make poor choices and keep waking up feeling guilty. I have had plenty of food that could have made me feel guilty but I keep things in moderation and never go over my cap for daily calorie intake. With doing this I have lost about 60LBS and feel a whole lot better. I know that way I'm eating now will be for life. That is way it is called a lifestyle change. Yea when I hit my true weight I will adjust my daily caloric intake for maintenance but the type of foods and how often I eat will remain the same.

To answer you question ".... what would you have done?". I would have gone but still made appropriate choices for my life. Meaning no drinking because I don't drink and eating pizza in moderation. But that is what I would do and I am different from you. I wish you luck and the best for you and your life.
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Posted: 15 Jul 2010, 08:37
I have found the best way to keep yourself from gorging on food is to NOT get drunk. LOL
That is a trigger for me. 2 glasses of wine and literally nothing is off limits.

I think what i would have done is watch my wine consumption, try and sip on water between glasses, and when the pizza was ordered, request thin crust. Tell whoever's ordering that you LOVE thincrust, people usually oblige when you make a big to-do about it, then just pick off any fatty toppings like pepperoni or sausage and blot off extra grease. You can save up to 100 calories a slice just by blotting off extra grease, believe it or not.

as for my changes i have
1. cut my alcohol consumption back drastically.

2. cut out all refined flour and sugars

3. i eat at least one veggie at every meal. (learned this one from the South Beach Diet book. the more veggies on your plate, the less room for crap)

4. one of the biggest is that i have let go of the 'dieting' mind set. If i want something, i have it, but i have it in reasonable portions, and i fit it into my calorie allowance.

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