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Posted: 20 May 2010, 23:36
Again.. I am a bit confused.
If I am burning more calories than I am eating than why is it necessary to eat certain percentages of each of the macronutrients? (especially if I am taking a multivitamin)
Why can't I just eat all of my calories in chocolate chip cookies if I wanted? ( yeah, I know a bit extreme...but I am struggling to understand the way our body processes food)
Can anyone explain this in simple terms... HELP!!!

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Posted: 20 May 2010, 23:46
Lowering net carbs to under 130g (preferably 100g) a day lowers body fat percentage, especially belly fat & helps retain muscle mass.
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Posted: 21 May 2010, 00:56
You could lose weight eating the cookies if you stayed under the calorie amount. But you would be depriving your body of nutrition (and probably sending your blood sugar soaring). You need a lot of different types of foods to make your body run at it's best. So the more healthful foods you get, the better you'll do at losing weight because your body will be running more efficiently.

There's no need to eat perfectly. I lost the first 50 pounds while eating fast food, dessert every night, and going out to lunch pretty much every day with coworkers.

But I think the more you progress the more you become interested in tweaking different things about your diet. By all means though, don't feel like you have to change everything about your diet to lose weight. You really don't! Just eat less and try not to make it ALL cookies Smile
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Posted: 21 May 2010, 01:15
k8-- that's what I thought...!!
It's not that I want just chocolate chip cookies..but I'm just trying to figure out the way my body processes food...( and what do I need to do, in regards to it..Like stay away from potato chips ( since my fingers are sodium swollen already!!)
I'm still struggling to eat 1200 calories a day..but I really am getting better. I am losing a pound a week and I am satisfied with that.
I guess maybe i should have paid attention better in my nutrition classes..

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Posted: 21 May 2010, 06:54
The simplest way I can explain it is this: Protein helps build muscles which burn fat (that's what we want right!) and your body burns more calories digesting the protein than a fat or a carb.

Good fats are necessary for our digestive system, but bad fats get stored as fat (simple explanation not scientific).

Carbs-refined carbs found in white breads, white tortillas, white pastas and rice are much like sodas and sugary foods. They give you a sudden burst of energy for your body to use, but the body doesn't have to work hard to use it so the benefits are short lived (hence the term "sugar high"Wink and if you have too many of these bad carbs at a meal the excess carbs are stored as body fat (we are trying to rid these right!). Complex carbs take the body some work to work off such as fresh fruits and veggies and whole wheat products breads, tortillas, pastas, and brown rice.

ok so long story short version-you could lose weight eating cookies, but a: it might not last since as soon as you are off your cookie diet you will go back to unhealthy habits that got you overweight to begin with, b: you didn't learn any healthy eating habits to continue with along the way, c: you will lose weight more steadily (1-2 pounds a week) and tend to keep at it since you are seeing results. I personally found that when I ate/eat the bad foods my gains are crushing blows. I did so well for 7-8 months then I tok 10 days off my healthy eating and exercise program to visit my husband's family and my family and guess what happened: 119 to 127 in 10 days. I ate fried chicken twice, pizza 3 times, burgers twice, and I didn't exercise. We got into the "too busy" mode and ate out instead of cooking since we were doing some work that required us to work all day long. TAco Bell was our lunch many days there. So see I speak from experience. You don't have to change all your habits to lose weight, but the government guidlines are 50% carbs, 30% protein and only 20% fat I believe. Biggest loser promotes 45% carbs, 30% protein and 25% fat (healthy fat). I was pretty strict about this when I was seriously losing weight. Once I got the weight off I relaxed about the carbs BUT I still keep my fat below 20%, eat lots of protein, and only eat good carbs (excpet when eating out which I do every Wednesday-I have a chicken burrito with no sauces or cheese and refried beans with no cheese and a salad without dressing or cheese).
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Posted: 21 May 2010, 07:49
I agree that weight loss and health/fitness is a process and not an event. It's hard enough for me to count calories (which I hate) to also have to count the percentages that make up those calories.

As I lose weight and learn more, I am slowly altering my diet for what works for me. I'm trending toward higher protein (especially on strength training days).

My biggest health issue was 50 pounds of excess weight. If I lost the weight eating cheeto's and lard and by adding exercise, I am still better off than what I was doing about health - which was nothing.

Yesterday I ate horribly, but within my calorie goal. The biggest portion of my calories came from rice cakes and whipped cream cheese. It was just one of those very busy days and that's all that was available that was quick, easy, and tasty.

Today I feel sluggish. There might be a correlation.

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Posted: 21 May 2010, 08:39
This article might help. I tried to post it a few minutes ago, but my post needed approval. Not sure why.

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Posted: 21 May 2010, 12:23
I was thinking about this question again. Something that needs to be made clear is that multivitamins do not contain macronutrients. So you won't be getting any protein, carbs, or fats from a vitamin. Also, there is quite the debate about whether your body CAN process vitamins in a pill form or how efficient it would be even if it can. There's no clear answer to this question.
Personally, I take a multivitamin as a "back up plan" and with the thought that it probably won't do me any harm. But I also try to get as much nutrition from food as I can. That's Plan A. I take the multivitamin in case I miss something in my diet, but I'm not sure it actually does any good.

I eat very differently now from when I started and I feel completely different. My mood is better. I have more energy. I don't break out, not even at that time of the month My hair looks shinier, etc. I think it's wise to think about our bodies and the fact that we have evolved to eat real food, not the processed junk we're fed today. So while I can't tell you for sure WHY or HOW eating junkfood frequently is bad for you, I can say with certainty that it is indeed bad for you.

Just wanted to add that. But it is still a process. Make small changes and in the end they will add up to a big benefit Smile
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Posted: 21 May 2010, 12:30
Calories eaten determines weight gain/loss.

The value of those calories (along with exercise) determines how that weight is gained/lost.

Yes, you could eat X amount of calories, all from cookies, and still lose weight. However, you would not necessarily lose FAT, which is the true goal of what we call "weight loss".

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Posted: 21 May 2010, 12:33
a good indicator is to watch your protein/carb/fat percentages daily and make sure they are relatively equal, with no one group being greater than the other two.

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Posted: 21 May 2010, 12:36

Have you heard of Isotonix? All of their supplements come in liquid form for easy absorption. My friend sells for Market America and swears by their products. I have noticed a difference in her. I just placed an order because, makes sense, at least my minor in chemistry makes me believe that it makes sense.

Of course I agree with you about trying to get all your nutrients via food, but this might ease your mind about taking a supplement when you feel that you might need it.

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Posted: 21 May 2010, 12:44
I have heard of Isotonix, but I am very wary of things like it. Supplements are unregulated and untested in general and I for one am very concerned about ingesting things with unknown effects/ingredients. Not that I think the FDA is the end all of safety, I just would like there to be rigorous testing of a product before it hits the market. In all likelihood, it's harmless and possibly beneficial, but there's that doubt in my mind and it's enough to keep me away. That, and the cost. The multivitamin I take is $10 for a 6 month supply. I want to lose weight, but I'm also very frugal. If I can do it for free, I will Smile
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Posted: 22 May 2010, 23:08
Is a calorie always a calorie?

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