When healthy lifestyle becomes an obsession....

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 08:51
I went out with some friends from work.. ( to happy hour, dinner and a show..) and when ordering i found myself pulling out my iphone to search what I could eat...
and to log my food. My friend's insisted that i was being obsessive..( and informed me that over and over and over again that I needed to let it go..and just have fun..) they couldn't understand that food and drink didn't equate to fun... NOT ANY LONGER, ANYWAY!!!!
Has anyone had to handle this before? How were you able to overcome it?

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 08:56
That's awesome! I say keep doing it. I actually did this a few times when dining out with my boyfriend. We don't know how many calories are in those dishes and drinks and when "letting go to have fun" u can easily lose track and overeat, then u feel horrible the next day (like i do today). What matters is your happiness. Also people with those high metabolisms that never have to worry about weight don't understand what it means to have to work hard for your results. There is nothing wrong with being mindful of what you put into your body as long as you are healthy.

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 09:08
I told my family and friends what I was doing and why I was doing it. They all understand its for my health which means losing weight. I have their support and no one messes with me...lol they won't even go there. Its for you and you know whats best...hang in and do it your way. Smile
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 09:16
I do the same thing when out to eat! A lot of times I'll plan ahead and figure out if I can fit what I want to eat into my daily diet, though I'm only doing reduced calories right now so it is easy to shift some calories to one meal if I need to. I have the app on my phone too and it has helped me SO MUCH! I hate seeing that stupid RDI block turn red when I go over my daily intake! But to help with the overcoming the stigma when out with friends, if you know you're going out with your friends, PLAN AHEAD! Pick out what you want to eat before you get to the restaurant and log it ahead of time too. Then they will think you're just enjoying the night! Good luck!

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 09:23
Dear Amy, Once we get into calorie counting etc., it is easy to focus on that so much that it can seem
"obsessive" to those who are not on the same path. But put yourself in your friends' place for a minute. Checking your calories, etc., you are tuning inward to only yourself, and tuning out your friends, much like someone texting or talking on the cellphone while others are trying to be social and include you.
If you know where you will be going, can you check out the menu selections ahead of time, on the internet? And memorize calorie counts, then you can do your counting in your head, automatically. You'll be able to glance at a brownie and think "400 calories" and look away, not preaching about it to anyone else. Also,it sounds like your friends do NOT want to count calories with you, and it makes them uncomfortable, as if by making your calorie count more important than they are and as if you are criticizing them for their eating habits, not something people want to hear when they are out for relaxation. Well, while other replies to your post may be more supportive of what you are doing, I am telling you "the other side".

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 09:25
Well said, Milli.
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 09:53
My mum thought I was mad when I checked the computer today to see how many carbs 25 g's of parsnip had!! She didn't say a word when I refused it for being too high! I say tell them to go jump. Its your body and you need to be strict right now.
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 09:58
if i know im going out i do my reseach before i go out
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 10:07
Becoming and staying healthy is a Good Obsession. It’s all simple math, calories consumed minus calories burned equals weight loss or gain. Fatsecret is a great tool to keep up with those numbers. And we all have to keep in mind that we are not on a diet but instead a lifestyle change. Once we meet our goals, we must continue to monitor our calorie equation. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a treat once in awhile, we just need to adjust our intake/output to compensate for it the next couple of days. Remember, healthy is your ideal weight for your body type. Not some ridiculous number to far under. Anorexia and Bulimia are BAD Obsessions…

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 11:05
Amy you've taught me that it's not an obsession and that eating healthy and being healthy is something you need to do! it's just like any other health issue. Does a diabetic get told not to measure thier blood sugar before a meal to see how they need to adjust thier dose because they are obsessed or that it's taking away from thier fun? No! It's part of thier health management just as counting cals is for us. Keep doing what you are doing you are doing great! Also not everyones fun is the same, we've both agreed that this is huge fun for us! Keep that perspective and you won't want to stop living healthy if you enjoy doing it!
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 11:46
I say go ahead and do it! Me and my boyfriend went to Panera Bread last night, and we were both looking at the App. I, however, picked what I wanted ahead of time from their menu and nutrition online! I know a lot of people have said to do that. I think that is the greatest idea if you can. Like someone said earlier, not everyone has to worry about what they eat. They don't understand how easy it is to get off track!!! More power to you!

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 11:49
I agree with Milli. Amy, don't feel bad, i went out with family today for lunch and i automatically reached for my bag for my blackberry. lol! What we are doing will benefit all of us in the end and if people cannot understand that then to hell with them. This is not an obsession, but a choice to change our lifestyle. I say we keep on doing what we are doing!!! I also think we should all be very proud of ourselves for taking this step to a healthier, happier life! Well done to us all!!!
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 14:26
People really do equate unrestrained eating and drinking with "a good time". I have learned that there are many ways to have a good time and they don't have to mean ingesting a bunch of crap your body doesn't need. Realizing that you can have fun without binging is a real accomplishment, so be proud, keep doing what you're doing.

But maybe check the calories before hand if you don't want to draw attention to it. People I go out with have no idea I'm counting calories because I do it before i leave the house Smile
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 14:56
21 years ago I became a vegan and I became obsessive about what I was eating. My friends voiced similar concerns as mentioned above, but over time it eased up and became second nature without alarming my dinner companions.

It IS an obsession, at least at first. In the early days, this 'obsession' keeps us focused.

What you should find in time is that you'll ease up the constant checking, and know instinctively which meals aren't loaded with excessive calories and be able to guess in your sleep how to prepare a meal that won't be a caloric nightmare. This is when life begins.

As with any new skill - such as learning to eat more healthily - it takes a temporary single mindedness to ensure we're making the right decisions. IF, on the other hand, a person CONTINUES to be obsessive past the point of knowing how to dine out, cook, and even after reaching their weight-loss goals...they may have slipped into a disordered eating mentality. Hyper-vigilance with food and eating can most likely lead to some serious issues if overcalculating and monitoring lasts too long.

kaitlinmarie, Millimarie & k8yk have some good suggestions by planning ahead - figure out what you're going to eat ahead of time so that the entire table will enjoy a relaxed meal as one.
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 15:44
I think most people have said it perfectly. I always try to check before I go out, but sometimes, I don't know I'm going out. And for my standard "outs", I have memorized a few of the selections I like, so that I can pick them out easily. But the fact is, I have the calorie counter app on my phone because I HAVE to know. Going out is not "fun" for me, its "social", not the same thing. Once I know what I'm eating, it becomes FUN, because otherwise I obsess over how many calories I ate until I find out.

My health, my length and quality of life, my future - these are things I consider extremely valid to be obsessed with. And if more people focused on what they put in themselves, instead of obsessing over... say... clothing... well, wouldn't we all be a little happier?

My one trick, because when I go out with my son's great-grandparents we get lectures for pulling the phone out at the table, but they will NEVER tell us in advance where they want to go... I make a quick "bathroom" run as soon as I get to the restaurant, need to or not. That allows me to access my phone without making any one else at the table uncomfortable.

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 17:14
I do it all the time. I preplanned my breakfast at IHop the other day and when i got there they have the sugar free syrup so I scanned it on my phone. My family makes fun at me at times, but thinks it's the coolest thing when I'm scanning foods into the phone. I would suggest planning ahead of time to what you are going to eat/drink. If you aren't able to pre-plan, then I would use the phone while deciding what to eat. It's either make the right choices now or makes the choices you think are good and then later find out they weren't.

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 18:14
to: confuseddangel: Escape to the powder room! Nice maneuver!

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 20:23
This has happened to me as well. My SO is always giving me crap about logging calories.

If I can't check calories before eating out (best suggestion) or during, I order based on what I've learned and log them in later. I end up eating standard stuff - fish, shrimp, chicken, small filet - double vegetables or a side salad instead of starch - no dessert - no appetizer.

I usually am not too far off my calorie goal when I do this, or if I'm slightly off, I adjust calories slightly lower in the future.

Having fun does not equal unrestrained eating for me anymore. My body cannot tolerate it. The temporary pleasure isn't worth the long term consequences.
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 20:28
RJ, that's how I approach it too. If I know in advance where I will be eating, I'll check out an online menu for my best options.

Tonight we went out and I had a gorgeous piece of blackened redfish topped with lump crab meat, and spinach & steamed asparagus on the side. How could you not be happy with that? The fish was at least 8oz, so I ate half and brought half home. Now, I get to enjoy it again tomorrow.
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Posted: 24 May 2010, 09:24
I too try to plan ahead. Sometimes you just can't. When that happens,I pull out the Droid. Yeah, the family teases me about it,but, I know they support my efforts and it's all in good fun. Through the years I have given them so much to tease about, it's refreshing to have a new topic! LOL !! Life is a journey...have a little fun with it!

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